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Exclusive Look at the Weapons in Deathloop (NEW Gameplay)

Get your exclusive first look at the weapons in Deathloop thanks to this exclusive new gameplay sent our way by Arkane Studios as part of Game Informer’s cover story videos for March 2021. The island of Blackreef is home to an eccentric arsenal…

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  1. I like the looks but I sure do hope they aren't done working on the AI, gunplay, sound and animations. But the art design is fantastic and I'm still hyped about the concept of manipulating the targets into gathering. I'm glad they delayed the game. When it's out I want to savor every second and every asepct of the game. The wait is worth it.

  2. I like Dishonored 2, but it's a little weird how some of the abilities are cribbed directly from that game. Blink and domino seem to work exactly the same.

  3. It's a cool and original concept. I'm gonna wait until reliable reviews come out though, because I could see it becoming incredibly repetitive if they dont build it right

  4. Even the hand pose with the magical symbol on the back of the hand is the same as Dishonored lol idk how to feel about it being so 1:1

    Gun audio really lacks punch too, grab some guys from iD who did Dooms shit, come on lol

  5. "Hey everyone, look at this kickass trailer for our new game. Everything you see in this trailer is the lethal storyline which ends in a super fucking bummer making you feel like a total asshole. But, you know, play your own way!"

  6. Dunno if its just me but I feel like some of the guns could do with more "umpf"…some of them seem a bit pea shootery

  7. After finally playing through Dishonored and Prey (thanks to FPS boost), this game actually looks really fun! Sucks I won't be able to play it for a year tho, but I guess I won't have to worry about future Arkane games…

  8. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dishonered 1 and 2, I think Arkane Studio's works are amazing but I'm not sure about this one, the more I look into it the more messy it gets, like it doesn't feel smooth as Dishonered when it comes to killing the enemies by gun or by power, but I hope this is just a demo, would get fixed in no time.

  9. I'm not a fan of dishonored. Aside from that this game looks cool I just hope the gsmeplay meets up with what we have been seeing.

  10. To be honest i am really bored of this futuristic cyberpunk style or some kind of mixed art a lot of these games are doing nowadays as you can see here all the lights lasers and shit and those fucking maniacs in masks. At least the game has bioshock vibes so thats cool

  11. I already love 99% of the game but the enemy AI seems really dumb. They have a really hard time spotting you and in combat they either run towards you or stand still waiting to be killed. I hope the AI is significantly smarter at higher difficulty.

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