Evolution Of The MP5 In Call of Duty

For over 14 years we’ve seen the MP5 featured in almost every Call of Duty game. Here’s a look at how the reliable submachine gun has evolved over the course of 14 titles.

The MP5 is one of Call of Duty’s most well-known submachine guns. It’s been featured in more than a dozen games and…

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  1. I wished Gamespot Made all these Games on PC Native 4K and 4K60 Youtube video, please make 4K60 Youtube videos i love to see more details on Big screen

  2. I love a well-modeled MP5 in any game but It drives me absolutely nuts that CoD will never use the correct diopter rear sight on them. I know it's for gameplay reasons but it just looks so wrong to me

  3. The original MW got me so hooked on the mp5 i bought a real one in 9mm then one in .22….now im just waiting on my SD and my .40 to finish being built.

  4. The one not so good thing about the mp5 is the rear sight. The open rear notch is actually confusing to use if you have ever handled an HK before.

  5. Sorry to say but with the inclusion of the gunsmith..all guns go to shit and break beyond belief which is why we get a 3-4 gun meta,if there was no gunsmith devs would have complete control on weapon tuning

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