Dying Light 2 Update – March 2021

Check out the official Dying Light 2 Update from the developer team released on March 2021. The video shows off a couple quick snippets of Dying Light 2 cinematic gameplay as well as an update from the Dying Light 2 developers on progress for the game.

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  1. Lol! Holy shit, I can't believe how angry some people are about this. Good knows that if TL released it way back when and it wasn't up to standard those same folks would be raging that DL2 didn't get enough time in the development oven.

  2. Talking about a game where you chop living undead to pieces and kill other people all in gruesome detail. But make sure to censor the word "damnit", don't want any kids to pick up a bad word.

  3. I love how dying light 2 didn't hype us up like cyberpunk did, i think this will come up good (they just hyped us up that they didn't cancel the game not like cyberpunk lol)

  4. Awesome channel. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber. Why aren’t you using Promosm?!? You should use it to promote your videos and grow your channel.

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