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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance – New Gameplay Today

Join Game Informer’s D&D expert Matt Miller and Alex Stadnik as they take you on a tour through Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance and discuss why fans of the tabletop series should be hopeful for the Tuque Games title!

Enjoy this episode of…

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  1. Блин, как я ненавижу такое расположение экрана!!! Пусть игра хоть лучшая за всю историю!!! Я бы в это не играл!!! Именно из-за этого не люблю серию про Бетмена!!! Вот God of War 2018 например, ШИКАРНО!!! А ЭТО ГАВНО!!!

  2. This looks fucking terrible. Go watch DMC5 combat, then come back to this hot garbage. This looks spammy, slow and uninteresting. What a shame.

  3. Wish they would let us create characters like in Baldurs Gate 3, I've been waiting for a new Dark Alliance game for years…its a little disappointing.

  4. I was hopeful this would be an adventure rather than a constantly running hack and slash…explains the low price..a bit dissapoinment have to say

  5. Okay this is going to be a lot. I'm so angry at this game. I played the crap out of the Dark Alliance 1 & 2. So we will leave DA 1 out of this and focus on DA 2. The 4 playable characters were so full of emotion and story they even have their own side/story line quest line for each of the characters and it gave so much depth to the game and the main story was also pretty good but it was setting up the game for Dark Alliance 3 but that never came. The areas you went into felt well laid out and felt like an living and breathing environment. Now gear and character play ability. Gear was so good each and every item felt like they were well placed and that they were alive. What i mean by that is they have a feeling? Not just like a pokie machine imagine that each item is a icon on the screen and they all mean nothing. Each character played very well and very different from each other very unique. Now with this new game DA it looks so bad pretty much a super cheap Diablo 3. Most areas are so bland and look so soulless and much the same with the enemies. There is so little going on every thing that is currently in the game should be way more polished at lease but they haven't even pulled that off. That is all really to say about this game really because there is not much going on here at all. add it to the pile of shitty big name license games just a cash grab.

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