Best USB Mics Under $150 – Hyper X Quadcast vs Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti:
HyperX QuadCast:

Want to get great audio in your streams, multiplayer games and content creation? Today we are talking about two of the most popular USB microphones on the market right now, that is the Hyper X Quadcast and the Blue…

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  1. The yeti definitely has more body to the sound and higher quality, the quadcast is more soul less (not to the point of having a very high difference in quality tho) but to compensate it has a shockmount and a pop filter already integrated so you are gonna waste less money to make it functional compared to the yeti that you need a arm and a pop filter.

  2. I got some problems with the sound of my hyper x quadcast, idk if it's because i'm in a big room. If anyone knows how i can get a cleaner/ better sound please help me.

  3. I鈥檓 looking for a mic that will pick up clear audio between 4 people sitting around a table so something with wide range capability, Ive heard that the Blue Yeti is ideal for that but I like the sound of the Quadcast more and was just curious if it would also be good for wide range like the Blue Yeti if any of y鈥檃ll had any answer or suggestions

  4. Yeti looks like a studio rap booth mic. Which I like and it sounds good get the extra stuff for it. Won鈥檛 disappoint 馃憦馃徔

  5. Blue yeti will be a lot better if you aren't on a windows computer, but if you are I suggest that. But if your on MacOS like me and on PS5 I suggest the blue yeti x

  6. I really still dont know what to choose. Cause the Blue yeti looks so clean on your setup and i think its a more warmer sound but the hyper x quadcast is amazing too. If someone could help i would apreciate it!

  7. I go for a nano yeti, hyperx is great but don鈥檛 justify to extra $50. It鈥檚 not big as the yeti not costly as the hyper x. U point out the hyper x pick up noise when not use boom arm so u does need a boom arm extra $50 buck. I just want something cheap and not spend $200.

  8. I found myself clicking back and forth between the two to listen to the difference.
    The Quadcast definitely sounds better. It's not as…sharp.
    The sound quality seems to be a bit richer.
    I'm really glad Dave did this video.

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