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Aliens: Fireteam Official Trailer

Join us for a first look at the official trailer of Aliens: Fireteam, the new co-op experience where groups of three take on the terrifying and iconic Xenomorphs while attempting to survive the grotesque hives.

Players can expect to give their…

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  1. Please don't let this be a pure lame multiplayer shooter with a few maps, but instead a co-op game with real story (and maybe throw deathmatch, CTF and such in as a bonus)… So I guess I'm not for an Aliens 4 Dead or Left 4 Facehugger-experience.

  2. So instead of making what we all want, an Alien Isolation sequel, were getting a game that looks like Colonial Marines 2. What the fuck

  3. Looks terrific!! I'll give it a chance!!

    Wait, was that a 'Crusher Xenomorph' from Colonial Marines at 0:53?? If it is, I hope that's ALL they use from Colonial Marines!!

  4. Nothing can top Gearbox Colonial Marines as legendary sh!tty games, get in the line if you want to beat that.

    Not a fan of alien series alone preferred they give atleast one predator play, but I think not gonna happen.
    But so far it is called fireteam and gameplay looks 1000x better, than CM.

    To me if the studio doesn't accept the order and run away with the money, nothing half-ass sh!tty crap alien games can top GEARBOX!

  5. I came back here to check out the complete unit of a Praetorian at 0:53. Just look at the absolute size of that fucking thing! How big do you think it would be if it stood fully upright? 11, 12, maybe 13 feet?

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