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80 Rapid Fire Questions About Deathloop

For this month’s cover story, we’re diving deep into Deathloop. We sat down with Dinga Bakaba, Game Director at Arkane Studios, to ask him 80 rapid-fire questions about Deathloop. Firstly, what the heck is Deathloop, and why is the studio making…

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  1. 3:00 his favorite ability is.. Double jump.. Wow so I'm guessing there really aren't that many interesting traversal abilities if "double jump" is his favorite?

    Still haven't finished the video. But why does it seem like the Devs are shying away from like actually showing the game in action for a prolonged period?

    If the female character is integral to the gameplay then why don't I understand what the hell she is doing mechanically yet? Shouldn't that be a key feature?

    Why does it matter that it's a loop? And not just a single level where you reload it and keep trying till you complete it? Like, what does it being a loop actually do for you gameplay wise that just having a level didn't do? I feel like these things should be explained.

    There's no time limit, and things don't happen on a schedule, so is it really a loop? Or just one big level.


    Look at how one of their videos uses the phrase "systemic" level design. Funny how all these Black racists are talking about systemic racism while they continue their racist attacks on White people!

    Even liberal sites like The Washington Post recognize how sites like Facebook have a higher tolerance for racism toward White men than toward other people. It's not just the Trump nuts who are tired of this.

  3. I'm sorry for being a uncultured swine but I have never played any dishonoured game so when I saw the trailer I thought it was dishonoured

  4. Ya know what, I liked Dishonoured and I really like this guy; he's a top man and funny and passionate. I didn't like the look of Death Loop before but I'm buying it now. Thanks in part to this interview. I'm glad I've warmed to it.

  5. And just to add that the Back to the Future reference means that this man is now amongst my most respected game developers. Amazing. Death Loop is pre-ordered man 😎

  6. You can upgrade the powers?!?
    PLEASE tell me that means the blink power has a time stop version
    I just can't use blink without it anymore

  7. Awesome interview, but I don't know could you drop the jokes? I know you're trying to have fun and that, but it's good to come to these videos to see what you can think of to pick their brains and that. Being in a unique position to ask these questions.

  8. Prey = dishonoured in space

    Deathloop = time loop dishonoured

    Arkane I feel like tend to use animations and similarly looking power up/ability in their games. So that's why I feel like Deathloop, Prey and dishonoured all move the same

  9. Todd Howard constantly does what he can to improve and do something different even tho people think he does the same thing over and over: why he hasn’t made another Elderscrolls game yet

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