27 Warframe Questions Answered With Rebecca Ford

Warframe is a massive and sprawling game with many questions to seek answers to. Thankfully Warframe’s Community Director, Rebbeca Ford, is here to answer the internet’s most searched Warframe questions.

Since Warframe’s debut in 2013, the community surrounding the free-to-play online game has…

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  1. GOOD THING i read the comments before the spoiler showed, thanks guys, im sorry you had to see it, but at least it wasnt for naught

  2. i will answer to the best of my ability. This knowledge is what i have been able to understand from in-game lore and my interpretation of it. feel free to correct me if somebody knows more. SPOILIER WARNING!!! CONSIDER THIS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY WARNING

    Are warframes sentient?

    yes and no. warframes are made from former humans that were test subjects for a specific strain of infestation called the Technocyte virus. This virus hardened their skin into steel and made them into violent killing machines. However they were unable to act on their own. only through transference with a tenno could they actually perform actions. Umbra is a unique exception to this.

    Are warframes human?
    this was also answered in the above question

    Who is lotus?
    She is a sentient known as Natah, and the daughter of Hunhow, the former leader of the sentients. During the old war, the sentients almost won and their final task was to wipe out the tenno by destroying their source of power. However, Natah betrayed hunhow and took mercy on the tenno. She then betrayed the sentients and became the leader of the tenno faction we know as lotus.

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