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Surviving Our First Hours in Valheim – New Gameplay Today Live

Valheim is a new Norse survival game released in Steam Early Access earlier this month and has quickly taken Steam by storm, with its peak concurrent player count topping 360,000 over the weekend. While its survival game counterparts typically…

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  1. Wtf is this why can't we get a story revolves around Thor n realistic graphics of story mode gameplay where we go through his story instead of these others

  2. Also about the intelligence insult. Writers tend to talk with better structure and vocabulary then average joes, wouldn't say hes trying to sound intelligence its his profession seeping into him like if you move bags of concrete all day youre gonna get some muscle

  3. Why can't people just show the game without QUACKING into a god damn microphone?
    No one gives a F U C K, they are here to watch the game.

    next time, shut the fuck up and stop wasting people's time.

  4. I fail to see how this isn’t just another clone of a clone? Conan exiles? Citadel? Ark? Etc etc… I mean all of those games are great, but why the fuss?

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