Splatoon 3 Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct

They saved the slimiest for last–Splatoon 3 was revealed at the Nintendo Direct, heading to Nintendo Switch in 2022!

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  1. Well, they’re already doing better than valve. ba dum tsss funny joke
    This there’s a reason they haven’t put out a 3rd game for much. They want to incorporate new engines, new things we haven’t seen before. Like half life alyx.

  2. Did you notice how the inkling covered it's eyes, its mouth even and it's self to protected from the destruction that team chaos caused after they're victory?.

  3. Splatoon is Back With It's Third Sequel Has a Brand New Adventure Awaits in Splatsville With a New Inkling or Octoling Agent in Town With New Weapons New Splatfest New Turf Wars And Two New Upcoming Host Idols

  4. Everybody : how come Splatoon three is going to be on the same console. Meh : bruh there’s rumors about switch pro probably Splatoon three is going to be on switch pro

  5. Is it just me who noticed that the different hair isn't locked to different gender's this time?
    Can't wait for someone to complain about that little detail.

  6. Please read Fan document for new splatoon game


                           Cool delivery

    The goal of the game is to move the payloadBut Both teams are moving the payload at the same timeThe way you move the payloadIs to make sure that the ground is covered with your ink colorOne person must make sure that the path is covered with Your color When the other person must fill up the ink tank because it's used like a gasolineYour team has to work together to get it to the endWhoever gets there 1st winsBut you can both sabotage each other's teams but only for a short amount of timeBecause you can put poisonous gasses to flank off the other teams So it becomes balanced The game would be called rad delivery

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