Persona 5 Strikers Review

Persona 5’s RPG elements have translated well into action combat, and while the story may not hit hard, the Phantom Thieves haven’t forgotten who they are.

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  1. If u don’t like troupes then Don’t play anime games. Also stop trying to push you views on others. No one said fat= evil as all the evil shadows have Ben skinny and fit so please just stop

  2. More Persona with a Kingdom Hearts combat vibe and a badass metal jazz soundtrack (Daredevil) that sound's like it was something straight off John Petrucci's guitar.
    This is too good to be true. The whole team at Atlus are truly geniuses in their craft.

    PS: Stop mentioning the story so much.

  3. Lowering the grade for just the obesity thing and bath scenes shows me that now we have to worry for bad reviews for this kind of thing and it’s so wrong judge games like that.

  4. Do I miss anything if I play P5 PS3 version rather than Royal? I don't have a console and thinking of using the emulator. Heard Royal has many added bonus stuff and challenges and a new character. So is it okay if I play the PS3 version?

  5. gluttony is sin soo yeah. and hot springs isnt bad its a culture thing man. you should make it more clear that its your opinion that you didnt like those part but don't deny that there are people that wont hate those parts or actually understand those parts. or something.

  6. I find the game hard to play for some reason, There is so much happening on screen at once and the camera is zoomed out too far.

  7. This game is amazing but you really need to play the first one to know what's going on and appreciate the characters more. Gameplay is different but it is def more of an action rpg than a dynasty warriors type game.

  8. God I hate this “modern” fight system that so many games are adapting. it’s just way to chaotic and a HUGE nuisance to control your team constantly switching between characters making sure they are actually attacking properly. Why is it so bad to do turn based?

  9. I wish i can control the sound, sometimes the music annoys me which ruins my flow of playing. This time i stuck with Japanese dialogue since it fit the characters than the American ones. Lastly the grinding was getting to me, as well as not finding ways to replenish my SP.

    Great game, however the battling needs more of a rhythm/flow.

  10. Why was this a plot summary instead of a review? Literally told us what the main takeaway theme of the story less than 2 minutes in…

  11. I know this is a few months later but I think it’s funny you bring up Siri, because Susan Bennett the original voice actor for Siri voices Emma. I know it’s minor but I think that it’s a really neat detail.

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