Overwatch 2 – Sojourn Abilities, Changes To PVP, Game Modes & More | BlizzCon 2021

Take a look at new changes coming to Overwatch 2, including PvP, animation, sound, game modes, UI, and a brief look at new Hero, Sojourn!

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  1. Take after Warframe, when someone dies, their body falls apart. Not sure Overwatch can have a truly visceral feel when it’s as bright and colorful as it is.

  2. Lol, wasn’t Rein’s whole character arc when he was younger learning to be less aggressive and instead be the shield for his teammates? Not that I don’t think the ability changes are cool, but still that stuck out to me.

  3. Overwatches gameplay is just flawed in general and I feel like they might just do the same thing again instead of trying to rethink the game. I think the problem really is the abilities, they are too spammable and the game has too little consequences to death, in general it comes down to this constant brawl that gets old kinda fast. I feel like if they added some rpg mechanics in terms of resources maybe it would work better, but this game is not interesting for me if its basically overwatch 2.0 instead of a different game

  4. Give mercy more damage and more bullets. I have it a lot harder then the others to kill people to defense myself and stay alive

  5. these new sounds are absolute horseshit, keep taking away what makes overwatch unique, charming and interesting and make it sound like every other generic fps. just take a look at the guns in what universe would any of them sound like that. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined fucking yikes

  6. Jeff: it’s 2019 are we finished with overwatch 2

    Developers: listen to all the gun sounds we done for the pass 2years

    Jeff: 👨 hey it Jeff and I’m leaving over watch

  7. Alot of pale male and stale faces, probably have to skip this till the developers diversify, it's a new world gents, if you look in the mirror and you look like them, check your privilege and step aside for those that aren't born as an oppressor.

  8. i like how they took the time to make the sound more ambient, but those gun sounds are way too realistic for the feel of overwatch imo

  9. As great as the graphics looks, am I the only one who is not the biggest fan of the over cartoon-y kinda look/feel to it?

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