Outriders Demo: Everything To Know

Check out the official Outriders Demo 10 things to know before the Demo drops tomorrow! The demo will be the entire opening chapter with taking an estimated 3 hours to play through!

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  1. the only thing so far that pisses me off about this game is no cross platform comms. you can talk to each other if you're on the same platform but if you're on playstation playing with xbox or pc or if you're on any platform playing with any of the others, you can talk to each other unless you use discord. they REALLY dropped the damn ball on that. their excuse is that its already difficult enough to implement cross platform. granted i do not doubt at all that it is, but come the fuck on, you already did what you had to to enable cross plat, include a damn comms system in the game. it's literally your job as a developer. you develop things for the game to make it WORK.

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  3. So did you guys bother to tell everyone how is a live service game that they'll be paying without ownership of it? That the game is going to be monopolising it?

  4. it now not bad for e destiny clone. we will see and there was not hours of gameplay on the demo at the most like one hour

  5. So what’s the point of this? Like what’s the overall goal of this game? I don’t really understand. Like is it survival? Or is it just random missions

  6. The Demo doesn't work for me. Five re-installs, account sign ups, account linking, rebooting everything, and well still no joy. No support to be found, and nothing found online works.

    Good luck with your Division + Magic clone.

  7. Anybody else think the cutscenes are weird? One moment the characters will be talking about something and then the camera changes and they're doing something completely different. Other than this I really enjoyed the demo.

  8. People thinking this is a warframe destiny division type game have no idea what they are getting into. Its none of those, its not a live service.

  9. I played the demo of Outriders on Steam and love each moment of it which is why I preordered it! Since it releases April 1st why not make an April Fools joke about it being delayed explain the development situation and then shout out April Fools in the video!

  10. Yeeeeah we'll wait before pulling the trigger. Show all the demos you want. The true colors of a game show up after the the first real players go online on Day 1

  11. I wasn't to interested in another destiny style looter shooter but after watching this preview and how they are demoing the game… (Lengthy, all classes, cross play, saved progression) I'm definitely starting to climbing aboard. Well played Outriders. 👏 👏 👏

  12. i really hope this game does good for the simple fact i want the warframe developers to start putting effort into the stuff they release again and not just pure cosmetic

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