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Monster Hunter Rise Khezu Boss Fight – New Gameplay Today

Join us for another episode of New Gameplay Today where Jeff Cork is joined by Dan Tack and Alex Stadnik to show off the fan-favorite Khezu boss fight, cooking and crafting, and more in Monster Hunter Rise!

Enjoy this episode of New Gameplay…

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  1. I dont like how busy the effects are with 4 players, I guess its something we'll get used to like people spamming flashy arts in MHGU

  2. You know when a player haven't really become a hunter when they call fighting the monsters as "Boss fight" and not "Hunt".

  3. I don't get the hype of these games. The combat still looks like shit. The character CONSTANTLY passes through whatever enemy they are fighting every time they attack. Combat looks clunky and outdated. No hate. I honestly want to give this a go but it looks like it plays like shit……?

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