Mass Effect Legendary Trailer vs Originals, Side By Side Comparison

We went through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Trailer and matched as many shots as possible with the original games.

It’s been nearly a decade and a half since the original Mass Effect was released, and while it was visually impressive at the time, like a lot of older games, it’s pretty…

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  1. I think some changes were unnecessary although I completely understand. The default face for ME1 Shepard seems to have been replaced by the ME3 version for both John and Jane. But the ME3 versions of shepard's face have harsher more contrasted textures and their faces appear harder and older. It doesn't seem to fit ME1s more gritty, grungy aesthetic… and it seems like ashley was given makeup? Which is unnecessary for a remaster, I mean, the only thing wrong with their faces in a technical sense is that their facial textures weren't high definition and the game lacked anti aliasing. So fine features looked fuzzy.

    Since I'm on that topic, do you think they'll add hair movement?

  2. Man this music makes me want to buy this, but especially looking at this shot of Ashley around 1:21…. I really cannot say that I consider the legendary edition an "improvement" at all. Guess I'll wait another 15 years….

  3. Should of showed Xbox 360 mass effect 1/2/3 in comparison to legendary edition. Pc with 4K is gonna look good even on older games. Most people that experienced this back in the day did so on potatoes.

  4. Lol, those shots are obviously marketing material. They're all perfectly lined up. No way you took them yourself and didn't just receive them directly from EA.

  5. Still haven’t played the series…. Well I only played about a hour or two of the first game. Soon, I hope to get back to them.
    PS: haven’t had time to play any games very lately. 😭

  6. The update versions always looks better but sometimes I feel like it takes from the originals. Like how some shadow effects on the suits, environments, and faces in some areas looks better on the original than the new version. Some cases the shadows looks better on the new than the old. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s crazy.

  7. If there was no sign to indicate which one is vanilla or legendary edition, it'd be impossible to find out which one is which. In gaming industry "remastered" is becoming a synonym for "plasebo".

  8. 1:26 : The original is better, PERIOD. Why would they change that red sky that projected a (slightly dark) red tint on objects, with a Earth like environment??
    Plus, the original has the "a$$ shots" ; )

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