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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Preview Impressions

Join us as Liana Ruppert and Kim Wallance give you their Mass Effect Legendary Edition impressions and discuss why fans of the series should get excited for the remaster’s May 14 release date.

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  1. I'm one of these Mass Effect purists and I just hope that I can still buy the original ME1 again once my consoles die. The original ME1 is perfect to me and I want nothing to change. I also love the way my female Shepard looked.

    Mass Effect 2 is just one monotonous slog of a side quest with new crew members that are vapid and one-dimensional. The story goes nowhere.

  2. Mass effect 1 is the goat of the series. Gameplay? Yeah not as polished but the rpg elements make up for it. That and the story was much better. Never understood 2s love affair. Nothing really progressed story wise. You learn about the collectors but that’s about it

  3. The Mako was my favorite part of ME1.
    I was disappointed the Mako wasn't in ME2, but the Hammerhead was an acceptable alternative. It sucked that it was only DLC, and only usable in DLC missions.

  4. My all-time favourite trilogy in gaming you better believe this is a day one purchase. Played the original games to death on all three platforms back in the day 🙂

  5. It wasn’t really the Mako at fault the first game had planets with ridiculously jagged mountains trying to maneuver the vehicle through lol.

  6. Game informer is such a joke . ME1 is regarded as the best in the entire series. Why do you think it had two sequels. Comparing it to modern gaming is just stupid. ME1 set the standard. I'm a big M.E fan but I'm not happy about the sencership of ME2 these idiot's don't cover that . Witch makes me doubt ME4 plus MASSEFECT DIDN'T NEED ANY MORE FUCKING LENS FLARES

  7. Why do people want controller support on a PC? I mean, I totally get wanting mouse and keyboard on consoles, but why a controller on PC? There's a reason that controllers need aim assist, in order to compete with mouse and keyboard.

  8. One thing I wish they implemented from Mass Effect 3 through the entire trilogy were the voice commands for your squadmates, like they did with Kinect. I mean… I believe both PS5 and XB Series have microphones on the controllers, so it should be pretty organic to do… and it was really fun.

  9. ME1 is fucking amazing i replayed it for the second time recently I didn’t have any problems with any of its aged mechanics besides the frame rate on the 360 honestly lmao

  10. I actually liked my female Shepard from Mass effect 1. Me2 was great. Mass effect 3 was the WORST, I have tried so many times to make my femshep good and I can’t only get ok. Mass effect 3 femshep absolutely looks like Joan rivers in the worst way

  11. It's a shame that so many idiots are going to buy this. They haven't changed the god-awful ending and they are censoring for the SJW virgins. The biggest voice that you can send Biowoke is just stick with the originals

  12. I haven't played these games since they originally launched & they were the best & most memorable experience I've ever had in gaming. (That's saying a lot having been playing games since Pong) I'm not even a scifi fan or much of a nerdy guy in any way. But the ME trilogy became the only thing I have ever gone nerd over in my life.

    Several times I have considered playing through them again & now, although I'm so glad I didn't, I cannot wait to dive into & experience these again. May 14th cannot come soon enough. I haven't been this pumped for a game in I can't remember.

    For anyone who has never played these games, do not even hesitate to buy this game & be prepared to be immersed into one of the best & most memorable gaming experiences you will ever have in your life. Not an exaggeration.

  13. I can't wait till I get to replay this Trilogy I just have to play through it again I love technology when I first got a chance to play through the trilogy yet again it was a kick-ass trilogy in my opinion

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