Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has HUGE Changes

We got to see Mass Effect Legendary Edition recently, so Lucy breaks down every huge change BioWare are bringing to the remaster of the iconic franchise.

The Mass Effect trilogy remaster has long been rumored, but now we finally have our first look at all the changes Bioware has made to improve…

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  1. I remembering playing ME2 aka one of the G.O.A.T games of its time and even now (Mass Effect 2). When I was 7-8 and beating it (What it felt like) 10 times in under a year waiting for the next installment in the series and then (One of the best games) came out ME3 (I know the game received some bad reviews but when you’re an 8 (Turning 9) year old it feels like one of the best games ever. Now, I can play (and destroy) all of them (not literally).

  2. For me, the critical test of whether this is a true remaster or just a lazy rehash will be if Shep can holster his/her gun in ME3. We know the original explanation for removing this function after ME2 was a complete lie, they could have easily included it in ME3 and so there sould be nothing preventing this new version from featuring it.

  3. Has anyone actually ever played that multiplayer game? I've been playing these games since 2013 but each time I wanted to try multiplayer it took a really long time finding other players. Not that I was a fan of it anyways, I only tried it for the galaxy map but in the end it wasn't really necessary anyways.

  4. They should absolutely do something about Female Shepard. She should have an actor's face, not the MPC generic crap they gave her the first time.

  5. question ive been looking everywhere but cant find an answer. I know pinnacle station wont be included in legendary version because of lost code. However I already own since i Have all three mass effects for my console so my question is. So If I buy it since I already own it would I be able to use it in legendary edition. or would I need to switch saves between legendary and xbox one version.

  6. Just gonna say it, I got lost in her eyes constantly and had to keep replaying parts of the video.
    On topic, I only found out about this legendary edition yesterday and it's only roughly a month away. Huzzah!

  7. 4:22 "More black hairstyles" I almost hollerd at work finally hope they added Locs least medium shoulder length

  8. People who loved this the first time round didn't love it for the graphics. It was the incredible story and immersion. I cried when i heard it was being remastered as i Loved this game the first time round and dreamt of it being redone again

  9. I'll never ever get it.

    Mass Effect is as perfect as it can organically be.

    Mass Effect 2 is the most problematic of the series, the one where the mechanics either don't intuitively work or make no sense and that's the one they're using for the changes in 1!?

    Guess I'm the only one that truly enjoyed everything in it, even Pinnacle Station (I may have clocked some 50 hours in it after the first playthrough).

    And no, it isn't Nostalgia speaking. I played it for the first tile maybe some 4 to 5 years ago. Even the graphics look aesthetically pleasing, I can't explain it.

    I also played Republic Commando for the first time perhaps a decade later and it was like playing it back when it came out (not graphics wise of course).

  10. I will buy it because Bioware deserves all the Mass Effect money I can give them, but I think I'll stick to the standard trilogy.

    Edit: I'd not buy it had they changed the elevators (I love them that much).
    Don't get why they can't do the same for the extended cut. Add a button to chose whether you want it or not OR make so your decisions either give you one or the other.

    Calling it cannon in a game where you're supposed to be the one calling the shots is just arbitrary, and it's not like they're going to use it in the future or weigh your choices in. They could have left it for you to choose and perhaps add some flair in a future release related to which you you went with in your campaign.

  11. i allways ended up playing mass effect 3 multiplayer on my own and had a blast… why the fuck didnt bioware just make the feature strictly Singleplayer?

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