Firearms Expert Reacts To Hunt: Showdown’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Hunt: Showdown, including the Sharps Derringer pistol, the Spencer 1882 pump-action shotgun, and a very unique single-barrelled shotgun.

Hunt: Showdown is a supernatural…

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  1. there were experiments that tested fully automatic conversions to the mosin nagant. It didn't function the same as the ross. The cutout to allow for the bolt to get through to the user isn't there just for the user's safety, but its curved nature forces the bolt into that path, allowing it to cycle and lock like a funky short recoil/gas operated thingy majig. I saw much similarity to the howell-enfield conversion to the lee enfield rifle.

  2. Can we just admit, Crytek seriously outdid themselves with the weapons in Hunt, they are just so accurate and realistic it’s beautiful and so satisfying to reload especially with the Bulletgrubber perk

  3. 6:58 The game calls it a Fedorov Avtomat, though for some reason it’s a modification of the mosin in-game. The wiki says it’s kind of an alternate history where the Huot was developed by Russians, so the standard rifle modified for the design was the mosin instead of the Ross.

  4. because someone still owns the right for those gun names and if they are used they could get sue. This is sad thing in the enterteiment indrustie of that you need to pay for the name of a brand that hasnt been working for over 100 years still

  5. Shouldn't the in-game chain revolver have an element at the top that holds the chain in place, like in the original, rather than a magical force field preventing it from flying off into space after being fired?

  6. I wish someone more familiar with the game had been on hand to correct him about the derringer, that is my beautiful little pea shooter. Derry gang all the way!

  7. Hope there's a part two someday, he didn't cover all of them and more guns have been added since then. Like the Lebel, Springfield, Martini Henry, Scottfield, Berthier. Maybe he could even talk about the validity of some of the custom ammo type?

  8. To quote IMFDB: "The lore entry for the Avtomat in "The Book of Weapons" actually touches on this, mentioning that the Mosin-Nagant is nearly impossible to convert to fully-automatic fire and remarks that the inventor of the weapon "was an adept, if mentally unstable person". The "Book of Weapons" also states the Avtomat is gas-operated. Presumably, gas is trapped when the weapon is fired and then forced backwards, pushing a rod that automatically works the bolt back and forth. Further lore entries imply the weapon is a custom-made item modified by hand, and extremely crude, but effective nonetheless."

  9. I have heard that revolvers of the Nagant system were also used in the Mexican Civil War… But the game takes place in 1895, the year when the Nagant revolver first appeared in Russia. There may have been some contracts for the production of these weapons in the United States, as was the case with the Smith-Wesson revolver previously available to the Russian army. Mosin rifles were also produced in the USA, especially in the First World War, although this is 20 years later than the year in which the game takes place. I think several factors played a role. The Nagant revolver is a rather archaic, especially the soldier's – single action, however, a silencer can be installed on it. This is important for the gameplay. The Mosin rifle is also very recognizable in the US. Here are the reasons – to add these types of weapons to the game. Although it's not too historical for Louisiana 1895, however, as well as samurai swords in this game, but as a Russian person, the presence of these types of firearms in the game pleases me.

  10. weird that they would change the name for the spencer shotgun since they used real names for the colts, the mosin/nagants and the winchester rifles

  11. Would love a Part 2 on this with weapons like the Caldwell Uppercut or the new Berthier. Discussing the different kinds of ammo would be interesting too, as in how feasible is "poison ammo" really? And what's the deal with Slug and Penny Shot in shotguns?

  12. "this is NOT a realistic take on the western genre"
    Me with video playing in background not looking at screen: "what? I thought the guns are pretty realistic"
    Looks at the screen and sees a literal fire zombie
    "Ohhh. Well. Yes, I suppose"

  13. It'd be cool to see his thoughts on the sound design in Hunt too, not just the specific sound imprints of each weapon, but the distance at which they can be heard. There's a whole studio in the weapon menus to test audible distance on weapons, something I haven't seen in any other game.

  14. that part of the Intro with the two "dark age"/"Viking" dudes triggers me so flipping hard! Leaving their kit aside for the moment… why on earth is the left dude making a spin? His shield is pointing away from the opponent! You don't do spins in fighting! I'm sure every moment of this stage fight was better than that specific moment. Why was this very shot chosen to represent the Royal Armouries?!

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