Diablo IV Rogue Breakdown and Open World Features | BlizzCon 2021

Learn more about the new class coming to Diablo 4, The Rogue. Get a glimpse of new gameplay including some of her various moves and more. In addition, learn more about the open world features, including PvP, Mounts, customizations and more.

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  1. This isnt Diablo 4 .. this is Diablo 3.5 or a Diablo 3 mod. It feels, plays, looks the very same. This is ridiculous. We were asking for DIABLO not Diablo 3 with darker graphics… damn.

  2. Please add shoulder belts and gloves for item slots please. It will add so much more diversity and end game having more pieces you want to chase.

  3. They shoulda removed barb and come out with a different but very similar feel like for example a Viking or a Spartan.. why stick to old characters? Make some new ones. How about a samurai or anything. Add more new characters please

  4. 6:54 "It just looks great on screen."
    Diablo 2 Ressurection looks better then these shots.
    Diablo 3 felt like Dota and now 4 looks even more like it.
    Why make a game that was ground breaking in its own right feel like every other game.
    You should be challenging the games state not melding it into everything else.
    Not impressed at all.
    Ill stick with Diablo 2.

  5. Forced pvp? SIGH! This has never worked in any game! Please do us pvp players a favor and make a pvp server and a pve server ahead of time to save us from the softcore players who are just going to go to the forums and rant until you change it!

  6. you know the game is dead even before its release when 80% of what they talking about is 1 class of 4 at least in an RPG game , they even name the game after it , dude who is thinking in that meeting room ?

  7. Ok, so there's plenty of room around the campfire.. Im feelin that. My question is… Will there be skin tone options for the characters?
    I mean youve added hair color options and tattoos. How about skin tone options? 🤔

  8. i was really disappointed with d3, gameplay was good, but graphics were cartoony and blocky, with diablo appearing only by the end, looking like a malnourished stripper with high heels.

    Whereas in D2 the buildup until him was phenomenal, scary even. The gothic atmosphere helped a lot too.

    D4 looks fun, but it seems like d3 with tweeks, and mostly for online play.

    Glad ther are remastering D2, best thing of the year definitely

  9. 10:45 Any1 who have ever played an RPG knows that there is no such thing as a hybrid player/build not unless u wanna make yourself alot weaker. If that was a thing that would emply that each ability was just as powerful as the next regardless of its tier or lvl requirement with no gear bonus multipliers and we all know that has never been a thing. ppl may branch of to get some utility skills but other then that there will always be 1 main focused dmg fighting style for each caracter ppl build, aswell as some skills spend on more utility based effects.

  10. This clearly is NOT an "open world RPG"…they need some new terminology.
    They are trying to say it doesn't contain gated areas, but then a few minutes in, they talk about opening up new areas.
    It's just not a linear railroad like Diablo 1-3.

    Also, it's kind of odd to spend 10 minutes with a feature on "open world" and not show a single world map.

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