Diablo II: Resurrected Full Presentation | BlizzCon 2021

Diablo II is being resurrected, being rebuilt from the ground up. Here’s the full presentation of everything to come from BlizzCon 2021.

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  1. Being fully aware that the dev team isn't the same ones who did WC3RF, I urge you not to pre-order this game – instead, stay a while… and listen to the first few people who bought it, then take 3 weeks off work if it turns out to be good.

  2. Will give it a shot after the release, but PoE took diablo's throne a long time ago. D2 gets nostalgia points but that's it.

  3. Oh shit…. it cost me my Job once, took me a good 10 years to fix my financial situation. Cant wait for another 10 years in hell (inside and outside The game)

  4. I'm just gonna put it out there: Blizzard used to release all of its games on both PC and Mac. Then the Activision came, and Blizzard got swallowed by this corporate machine that cares only about the money. This is not Blizzard and those games aren't "blizzard quality" games. Diablo 3, Diablo 4, Diablo Immortal, Diablo 2 Resurrected… give me a break. I don't care, I don't want to care. It's been great loosing life playing D2 and WoW until WotLK, base S2… and that's that.
    it's been great Blizzard, bb

  5. I first played this game when I was 7 years old. I couldn't even speak English all that well as it's not my mother tongue, so I often had to look up words I didn't understand. I am 23 years old now, played a thousand games throughout the years, but until this day nothing has made me feel the same way.

  6. Does anyone know if resurrected is using 3D models or 2d sprites? On one hand the lighting makes it seem to be fully 3D while the animation and the way the level is designed makes it feel like 2d

  7. they said they didn't have access to source codes anymore so a remake or remaster was impossible, but now this ? BRING IT ALREADY !!! I CAN'T WAIT TO RUIN MY LIFE AGAIN

  8. Blizzard can't take credit for D2, that was Blizzard North which Activision closed then they Ruined blizzard all together and started making shit games

  9. i loved this game its a lot better than d3. Witch is to easy of a game d2 is way harder an a lot better of a game i dont like how in d3 you cant fight people online or trade items with people like in d2 it defeats the purpose of Diablo

  10. Do you know if there will be lock fonction for pvp so you want to play with random but you dont want them to turn pvp? Will they put looting system in multiplayer like radom party of your team or each player as their own loot like in d3 ? It was annoying in the original that only the fastest guy get it …

  11. 2001 D2 is the GOAT in gaming. BARBARIAN was my 1st character way back. 11year old playing d2 now 31 still playing D2. Ressurected 2021 ! Here we go going for my 40s

  12. 2:47 , let me correct you on what you just said , blizzard has a long history of messing up games that you are proud of, a good example is Warcraft3 , but lets see if you mess this up to, lets see if you take away all the features we all liked and replace it with some bs , a tip hey all we want from the old games we love is basically better graphics, what we dont want if for you guys to advertise something we want and at the same time destroying the game itself and then refusing to refund us after we purchase it and see what a mistake it was to buy into the scam

  13. Do not buy, game is butchered for console.
    There are no lobbies, can't make games and can't even communicate with other players. Not even voice chat, good luck asking for a tp cause you cant.
    So no trist, meph, cow or baal runs. Spread the word, cancel pre-orders.

  14. They’re just using all the color schemes and assets of Diablo III which sucked as a game…. Please Blizzard do not release this without changing that. If you don’t stop trying to world of warcrap every single game then nobody will buy your shit. This LOOKS like Diablo III…..

  15. That is really good. O bought diablo 3 and abandoned it because was too childy. 3D with no tense, no terror. Diablo 2 really make the gammer feel the scene of terror.

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