Diablo 2: Resurrected Multiplayer Breakdown | BlizzCon 2021

Learn more about the upgrades and changes coming to multiplayer in Diablo II: Resurrected. Get details on ladders, seasons, character expiration and names, PvP, trading, improvements to the Battlenet ladder and more.

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  1. I just can't wait for it to be up for pre-order I was surprised they didn't do it the night of release reveal especially since it's coming out obviously this year so I'm assuming no later than August or November I would hope anyway..

  2. When are they going to fix warcraft 3 reforged? Its shit like the day it was released
    Dont forget warcraft 3 reforged, worst remaster ever, don't buy until they fix the game

  3. My beautiful amazon.. With her heavenly bosom and long flowing braid.. looks like a old hag… my childhood fantasy face reveal.. destroyed.. ? i can't.. its not her !! NOOOOO.

  4. I just tried diablo 2 and i find the multiplayer horrible, just having to join and create small servers? I wish it was like in Wow … big realms with many players in the world… so I guess diablo 2 remastered will be the same?

  5. Fuck that shit. Do not be the gate keepers of time. I absolutely disagree with shorter ladders. Changing the walls is fascist and needs to stop. leave people alone with their slow enjoyable grinds.

  6. That Amazon face is just NOT it. Sin too. They should just put face sliders to select premade faces per character, or to adjust certain features on their faces! Oh and body sliders would be awesome, too!

  7. Change the Champs back to look like the originals that looked good. They look like shit. The Paladin needs to look shaved and military/stoic and the Amazon needs to look like she did originally. The characters all look odd. The Barbarian looks small and fem now. Not buying a game that mocks the looks of the champs.

  8. "So with multiplayer we want to keep all the features you've known and loved there" I'm still playing D1 on my ps1 cuz of couch co-op. So tired of devs thinking of ways to go deeper into consumer's pockets after a 60$ purchase.

  9. hmm, I think I'll pass on D2 resurrected. It looks great, better than D3 for sure, but I heard they wont implement couch co-op for consoles. Some of my favourite memories of Diablo 3 (and other games) are about gaming together on the same screen. If D2R ever gets couch co-op, then I'll take another look.

  10. How will the multiplayer work though? Are there servers or something? 3d party apps for matching? or just the 8 ppl co ops? they were talking about market & trading so i assumed its gonna be more mmo, but maybe not? i'm not sure how traditional d2 was played online, i only ever played single player :/

  11. This is almost a year ago, and there's still no lobby to pick a f**** game!? Just bought D2R last night and I was livid when I realized it's luck of the draw whether or not you're going to join a game or have someone join yours. I played halfway through act 1 without a single person joining, also left and started new games a couple times. I love you too but the multiplayer is where it shines brightest.

  12. Diablo 2 resurrected multiplayer gameplay on switch: cricket noises
    Don't worry Blizzard, our impressions of you can't get much lower. The good news is at least your CGI department and actual game devs will still have jobs when you go out of business.

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