Chivalry 2 – Beta Announce | Release Date | Dev Diary | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase

Check out this video on Chivalry 2 and its beta announcement coming to the Epic Games store featuring developer comments and reactions!

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  1. Lol Torn Banner are hilarious. I'm sure I will give this a go especially after they polish it a lot, but right now this looks like a clown game.
    Someone at TB is really obsessed with decapitations. The cheesy metal sounds, the stiff movement, it all looks like a high-res version but of an old game, like Wolfenstein etc.

  2. Since mordhau isn't on console I'm happy this is gonna be on console I think this will be better, mechanics seem better and it doesn't seem too much like a slash and hack game like mordhau, it feels like a medieval game and I can't wait to play this on console.

  3. After Mordhau, this game looks quite dated. I am happy we get some more medieval action, but it hardly seems to "revolutionize" anything, especially not graphics and animations 😉

  4. Epic exclusive? aint buying it then. If epic just handed out free games every now and then i would probably ended up using it but shit like this will forever keep me away.

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