Call of Duty’s Most Broken Akimbo Weapons

Let’s take a look back at some of the most overpowered and infamous Akimbo guns that Call of Duty has ever offered.

For well over a decade, the Call of Duty games have featured the Akimbo system, letting you dual-wield weapons in order to absolutely litter your enemies with bullets and look…

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  1. Akimbo weapons in Black Ops 1 are very weak and underpowered.
    Black Ops 1 is my top favorite Cod of all time with the exception of weak underpowered akimbo weapons.

  2. Bro I Came from The Top 1 Game Called Pubg and I'm just dominating the Rank TDM Match Since Yesterday 20-30+Kills while my ranked teammates and enemies are on below 10kills, Akimbo Perk is a Must,I haven't unlocked but I believe I'd be the next TOP 1 Man Army on the Call of Duty Rank list. Haaa…. Pubg just makes other small small games so easy to Dominate

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