Call Of Duty Should Be Afraid Of Battlefield Again

Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield players but now with the problematic integration and takeover of Call Of Duty by Cold War, it’s time to see if the door is open for Battlefield 6 to take the big team battle crown back.  

Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield…

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  1. cod > activision for me. Sledgehammer > advanced warfare = one of the worst cod ever.
    Bf1 > amazing > bfv meh > bf6? jesus please! be great again.

  2. Only casuals went to CoD. Most big fans stayed while some went back to BF1 and BF4. I hate all the people who say BF5 did poor because of their mistakes when it was really small stumbles that were exaggerated for media. When BF6 comes out suddenly BF5 will be some “diamond in the rough” This man is either sharing his own biased opinion or doesn’t know anything about Battlefield.

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