BlizzCon 2021 Opening Ceremony and Day 1 Panels Livestream

Tune into BlizzConline 2021 for the opening ceremony to learn more about the future of Overwatch 2, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and more.

After the opening ceremony wraps up, tune in for the World of Warcraft: What’s Next Panel, the Diablo: What’s Next Panel, Behind the Scenes of…

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  1. The "deep dive" should have been something other than 3 people sitting around a table talking about how they've been playing since beta

  2. You know that Activision is probably happy about the Pandemic. Kind of hard to have an audience reaction, if there is no audience. So if they did something stupid, like Diablo Immortal again, they won't have the Live Negative Reaction to deal with again. The memes will not be readily created. I remember one of my favorite memes, "Don't you guys have Customers"!!

  3. si dieran oportunidad a HOTS para mobiles y darle mas amor al unico juego que tiene mucho potencial pero lo desperdician por el DLC de overwach ah perdon overwach 2

  4. Me and my girlfriend watched this video over the course of a week. We checked out the content of: D4, WoW TBC and D2 a bit. Very cool. Thank you!

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