Biggest Battlefield 6 Rumors

Battlefield 6 has a release date sometime around Holiday 2021. The game was confirmed in an investor call that used vaguely worded statements like the game having a never-before-seen scale, ambitious ideas, and a next-gen vision. Rumors have since started spilling out about what in-game…

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  1. Just keep the weapons to the current era or to prototypes that will likely see full DOD development. Don’t do that Final Stand futuristic nonsense…leave that to COD.

  2. Ive always wanted a tarkov like realism battle royale done by a major title. Wouldnt that be insane with the destruction aspects with battlefield. I would love for limb specific damage areas and realistic body armor protection and hearing impairment with specific encumbersome loadouts. A guy can dream.

  3. I really want BF3/4 just better and bigger. Here's an idea, instead of having dedicated commanders on both teams, how about each squad leader has access to a tactical map where they can call in reinforcements, mark objectives, even mark attack vectors on the map, etc. When it comes to crossplay, either keep it limited to same-generation consoles, OR allow it to be toggled on or off.

  4. If they don't let us have our own servers and Administration controls I will never buy another BF game again.
    I would rather have a few bad Admins than a 1000 cheats…

  5. DICE fix game first, and make it fun and BALLANCED, for every one, dont play around with things you are clearly not capable of pulling off.

  6. Battlefield has gone down hill since BF4. The graphics are nice, but the game play just isn't what it used to be. I'm not so confident EA will be able to regain the hold it once had in the FPS market.

  7. Yeah battlefield 3 definitely was just such an epic game and everything in it was so fun and unique everything. Battlefield 4 was OK its dlc was pretty good.

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