Zelda BOTW Expert Breaks Down High Level Combat

Max “RinHara5aki” Blumenthal with over 2300+ hours experience with Breath of the Wild combat, breaks down a battle sequence so the technicals can be shown and explain the complexities of what is happening. His combat glossary in progress explains a great deal about the vastness of advanced…

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  1. A lot of these techniques seem like bugs / unintended system consequences. I find it hard to call a combat system deep when the high level techniques comprise of these…

  2. I have something that lets you jump slightly higher, it’s like a sheild flop but you jump and when you are about halfway midair you unequip the sheild and you go up barely higher

  3. wow these people are sooooo "talented", unless you have a frame perfect move or 2 in there, it's not hard at all. I mean these techniques are miles above the normal player, but if you were to just practice a cool combat scene you could get it in under an hour. I dont understand why people still get excited over botw combat clips. sure it looks cool your first few times, but when you actually put a day aside to learn cool combat stuff, you learn it's actually really easy to get cool clips.

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