Resident Evil 8 Village Showcase Live (January Edition)

Get the world-first look at Resident Evil Village gameplay and a brand new trailer, plus much more Resident Evil news in this live showcase on January 21, 2pm PT. Tune in after the stream to hear more thoughts from the GameSpot team.

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  1. the graphics could have been better but you know consoles first is the problem. I can get 200fps+(3440x1440p) on 3090 with resident evil 3 remake. that is how bad consoles it.

  2. can you fuckin please stop trying to force multiplayer down our throats?! we know what we want, and we don't want an action multiplayer attached to a excellent looking horror game! use those extra resources making the main game even better.

  3. okay but please, please, please don't try to make the "creepy guy that sells things" have to do with the merchant from re4 at all. ik a lot of people like the merchant and i do too but my enjoyment will fall apart if they try to add a bucha lore to him.

  4. One think i was thinking about is: the game lenght. In my opinion the presence of a merchant actually tells you that the game is gonna be much longer than the RE average . I really hope this.

  5. I don't think they are vampires, I think they are witches. That would explain why they haven't any vampire fangs, why they are all women and why they turn into insects and not bats.

  6. Re8 used old engine? look like Re2 and 3 remake? so watched trailer, I dont feel any scare??? may be Capcom dont has new story for game. So I think this game can play on Ps3… Thanks

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