New Pokémon Snap Trailer

New Pokémon Snap arrives on April 30!

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  1. Can I just say, this looks absolutely AMAZING. THIS is what a pokemon game should look like on the switch. SWSH was an abomination, but this looks incredible.

  2. People complaining about Sword and Shield yet like 90% of the complainers still bought it. You sure helped make a change, huh?

  3. This hit me hard with the nostalgia. I loved playing Pokemon snap on my N64. Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Donkey Kong 64, and Pokemon Snap were my favorite N64 games.

  4. The Pokémon Company should get the people that made this game at Bandai Namco to do the core Pokémon games then they'll definitely have better graphics/style.

  5. Gamefreak is contracted to deliver on their quota for Pokemon games through Nintendo.

    Neither Gamefreak nor Nintendo would be willing to modify their contract to deliver those games at a slower pace.

    Profit has to far outweigh the cost. Pretty obvious really.

    Pokemon Snap has much better animations and visual appeal because they're only selecting a certain pool of Pokemon that would be a good fit for scripted actions along a linear path.

    Roughly 200 Pokemon in Snap as opposed to the 400 initial Pokemon put into SwSh.

    The game's mechanics are much more simple (no battling, items, stat calculation or RPG story writing). So after a few hours it'll be pretty clear that this game is just about taking photos of the same locations filled with the same Pokemon doing the same actions over and over.

    The hype will die and consumers will move onto the next Pokemon game. So there really isn't any need to go slower with development to produce a game with great replay-ability.

    The consumer base is not very smart, so from a business perspective it makes a lot of sense to pump out mediocre titles as fast as possible.

  6. GUYS THIS GAME IS MADE BY A DIFFERENT COMPANY. WE SHOULD BAN TOGETHER AND SUPPORT THIS GAME! Maybe, just maybe we could get someone else other than gamefreak to make the next main series Pokémon game and it COULD look this good!!

  7. I love how they've still made a nod to the British theme they were harnessing in Sword and Shield with the Christmas-themed classic.

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