Maiden – Full Resident Evil Village Demo (4K)

Maiden, the first demo for Resident Evil Village, is now out on PS5. Granted, it’s a bit tricky to access the demo right now as the PSN Store is struggling a bit, but fret not! For if you aren’t able to access the demo yourself, you can easily watch us go through it.

In the video above, we…

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  1. The demo is still availability for download. I thought it was taken down after the game released. But now that I have downloaded it I think it’s time I try it out and see what happened before Ethan arrives in the Village.

  2. Only thing that urks me is, how did she get a flashlight if this is supposed to take place decades before the main game

  3. not me sitting here knowing we got bitten by cassandra because of her voicelines and hair color 😐

    i know too much about this game

  4. A free small chapter is a visual showcase to them? That's why I love the new Capcom. Hopefully RE8 will drop its price now during Black Friday so I can buy it.

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