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Loop Hero – New Gameplay Today

Announced at the Game Awards 2020, Loop Hero is an upcoming deck-builder set within a timeless loop of darkness, complete with roguelite and auto-battler elements. Each loop begins in darkness, with nothing but a brave hero and barren, looping…

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  1. I'm sorry. I literally cannot imagine being less interested in a video game than I am in this hideous bore-fest. Good on you people who like this kind of stuff. Different strokes, etc.

  2. At first I thought this is some sort of rhythm game like Guitar Hero you just have to put together loops, as in music sampling. I'm really not into deck building games but this game aesthetically pleases me, looks like an early Amiga game by the animation and color palette. But it's weird that essentially you are given objects with different behaviour and the game lets you make your own game. Old games had the levels made for you, now they only implement systems only and give you a map editor, it seems like. This is a new thinking of game design (and I don't know if it's good or bad so far).

  3. Wow this game is surprisingly interesting, but it looks like shit. If they clean up the aesthetic they can have a real hit on their hands… but wow it looks like shit.

  4. Вперёд ребят, хочу поскорей увидеть вашу игру, обожаю всю команду Four Quarters ! Десивер, Финлал, Блинч и остальные, кто читает, вы классные !

  5. Tested the old version, i won it with counter % life steal % & high damage via many rocks placement +hp?
    ( i think **counter + life steal, are best combo**, you will only need a lot of damage & def to survive )

    try focus
    shield – more def + life steal
    weapon – more attk + splash
    Ring * – counter only +34%
    Armor* – ignore hp, focus buff speed, life steal & attack

    My stats ;
    Damage 62-94
    Def 32
    Hp +521
    +50 damage
    +20% attack speed
    +10 splash
    *counter +34% 1 ring
    life steal +33%

  6. It really seems like an amazing game but when they mentioned "cards" I rolled my eyes and looked away. I'm so tired and done with anything related to "cards" in games. I might make an exception for this game.

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