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How To Quickly Max Out Your Character In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Tired of getting beaten down by Ramona’s evil exes? Join us as we show you a quick and easy way to max out your character in the newly released Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition!

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  1. What about Wallace's shop under the highway in the first level where the star graffiti is and rainbow Road that has the flying piggy banks in the garages right before the shopping district both of which are in the first level, rinse repeat if you're not into cheat codes.

  2. I beat the entire game without buying ANYTHING because my stupid ass didnt realize that you had to upgrade your own stats with MONEY…. it was so hard…

  3. Anyone else having problem using the cheat code after the second character? I only did it on Scott and Kim the rest of the characters I'm trying but it ain't working anymore 🙁

  4. Honestly, you can cut the item cost a bit by just getting the "chewing gum" item from the convenience store. Works the same but only costs about .95 cents.

  5. Don't understand people who do this just to get stronger effortlessly like I guess it's fun if you do it on a character then delete the data after but it just seems scummy and kinda sad

  6. I started playing this game not to long ago by myself and this helped me get through the game on single player mode but I played the first and 2nd level with my brother today and I want to ask is there a way for me to get rid of this cheat? cause I don't want him to know that I used this cheat to cheat the game I feel like with 2 players this game isn't so hard now

  7. As an old xbox player doubt anybody plays on xbox 360 anymore but heres the nobel sacrifice code (hold tl+ tr) up up down down left right left right b a

  8. The money cheat is nice. But it would be even better if you didn’t lose health doing it. I did it too many times, and died. And I have to start all over again

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