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Hitman 3 Review

Every mission in the final arc of Hitman 3 is a statement demonstrating mastery of level design and a willingness to subvert expectations laid out five years ago at the start of IO Interactive’s World of Assassination Trilogy. We hope you find…

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  1. I find the pacing of. This voiceover very odd and difficult to. Adjust to I think that the pauses could. Have been positioned better to make it flow more.

  2. Can we talk about how perfect this game came out compared to the last 2? The first one was disregarded because it was episodic, the second one came out along heavy hitter games in 2018 and was forgotten by mainstream. This game came out right after next gen consoles and the fall games started dying out and people wanting new titles to play on next gen, this release was fucking genius

  3. Hands down my favorite game franchise ever. Since Silent Assassin Hitman games are the bar of which I rate all other games. 20 yrs of brilliance from IO and I can't wait to see what's coming!

  4. Plz don't end Hitman series it's pure gold and the most unique game .. I want more sequels to come iOi plz if you're watching this .. a fan is requesting you please don't discontinue it

  5. So this game is literally the same as 1 & 2 and brings nothing new to the titles at all lol. Unlockable start locations let me go from spending 30 minutes to an hour in a level to 5-15 minutes. No new features, weapons, progressions, just new maps lol. Fantastic video tho, appreciate the honest feedback. Happy to say I freaking called it with this game though lmao. I love the comment about how players shouldn't expect any major changes compared to traditional sequels xD IO Interactive is a joke

  6. Why is it the mainstream reviewers have spoilers within them? Yourselves and ign (who even included them eliminating a target in their review, other than from the first mission) have the targets in the top left corner, however YouTube gamers who have reviewed the game have blurred out the targets and objectives. Would be good to have complete spoiler free reviews. If the YouTuber reviewers can do it, surely the “professionals” should as well?

  7. Why can’t I have dual pistols? Why can’t we customize our weapons? It’s a game about killing people but we can’t customize the guns at all?

  8. Great review! One thing I will say is the cadence in the reading seemed a bit off at times. There are some obscure pauses to take a breath in places that don't really feel natural.

  9. I just finished the whole game in 1 entire day and I returned that bitch cuz it suckeddd if you play the normal missions you’ll finish it in 4 hours. For 60 bucks the game ain’t worth it to be honest. Last mission was very disappointing.

  10. Help? I do not have the Season pass levels from Hitman 2, in Hitman 3. I did the carry over and own it. There is no way to contact IO either. anyone have this issue I really need help on this and there is literally no method provided by IOI.

  11. Man, something about the way the reviewer was reading was just really off putting. The constant mid-sentence pauses and slight upward inflection was just aggravating.
    "The part of the levels that I, liked was how the enemies would, react to events that my, character would set up"

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