Hitman 3 Review

Hitman 3 doesn’t make changes to the the franchise’s core formula–instead, it refines it through excellent level design.

IO Interactive’s stealth game Hitman 3 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia.

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  1. I LOVE this trilogy, but that train was a god-awful mistake. Takes away everything fun and interesting and replaces it with either shooting everyone, or following a single, linear stealth path. I really hope we get an expansion map (or two?) so we can close out the trilogy on a higher note.

  2. why all Hitman 3 reviews start explaining history of hitman franchise/gameplay ?
    Could have made a 3 minute video to convey the point to folks already familiar to hitman.

  3. Unpopular opinion: hitman 3 is the worst out the trilogy but is still great. Just hitman 1 and 2 maps have so much more replay-ability

  4. I Have So Much Love For Hitman! especially Over the past few years! But Honestly…. I expected more from hitman 3. All The time they had.. and It was copied and pasted exactly from Hitman 2!! Its crazy how nothing really new was added to the game other than the locations! I know how many hours you can spend and play on just one map alone! But the last send off for this trilogy was kinda disappointing… I absolutely loved hitman 2. But it just felt like we just got new locations for £50..

  5. I actually think it deserves a 10. It's the only game I play because it's silly, has replay ability, consistent, looks gorgeous, runs 60fps on xbox one x, has a good balance in the massive levels.

  6. Looks like they didn't really add something new, just new gorgeous atmospheric levels. But you can expect FUN, and that's the most important.

  7. The Commando Guard outfit must be made available as a starting disguise in all levels! It's so badass looking. Always wanted to go into battle with 47 in full super soldier gear.

  8. I was so skeptical about the new darker tone. But damn this game will be in my heart forever.❤️ I have everything 100% now except Mendoza. Never went so quick the content is less I hope for more but what their is is pure perfection. Love to IO they care about their fans instead of abusing them like CDPR!

  9. in my opinion, i felt extremely ripped off, it felt like more of a walking simulator than anything else, a complete waste of $60, plus it went on sale 25% the week after i bought it. im selling this junk on ebay

  10. There is a reason why this game isn't selling that well. It is just like the last two games are – flashy areas, wannabe hot shot wealthy people, too much about looking commercialized, just like the first two are. I still think that Absolution is the best Hitman game, not too much about being shallow or being flashy like this new generation of games are. These newer games are good, it is just that for myself, the backgrounds are too much about flash.

  11. 4:42 in case anyone's wondering the black streak suit is only available for people who bought the game on a PC along with that Xbox players got the green streak suit and Playstation players got the Blue streak suit

  12. Really hope we can get this on Steam soon. Just got Hitman 2 and I absolutely LOVE how detailed the levels are. So much to do, it's amazing! I've only played a handful of the games and man, thinking about how big a step-up these games were to the previous generation, I am super stoked to see how this series continues to evolve and amaze.

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