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Hitman 3: Exclusive Look at Agent 47's New Camera Tool

In this exclusive video, we’re showing off Agent 47’s new multi-function camera that is coming with the arrival of Hitman 3. The camera will be a default item that players can utilize on every mission and contract, as IO Interactive designed…

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  1. This is a low level gimmick. Would have preferred fiber wire or a lock pick being automatic.

    Both those examples could be replaced with a hacking tool or the target simply getting a call reporting the death like in Paris.

  2. As long as the phone can track people down like the briefcase did when I threw it, I'm sold. And it has to be a thing where 47's camera is about to die and he has to find an outlet, all while searching NPC's corpses for the correct charging cable.

  3. I sometimes use screenshots to remember something important about a puzzle or level layout without having to return to that area. I hope the camera will be capable of a more accessible version of this tactic as well

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