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Get an Exclusive Look at Hitman 3's Persistent Shortcuts (Dubai Gameplay)

The Hitman series has always encouraged its players to replay missions, so it’s no surprise that one of the brand new features coming to Hitman 3 is the persistent shortcuts system. IO Interactive told us these in-game shortcuts can only be…

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  1. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the shortcuts that would have been already present in the other games. I hope this doesn’t make the first few play through stop linear

  2. Kinda sceptic about IO making the bond game, They definitely need to up their game in my opinion. With the Hitman series, they've done alright and it's a game that's is entertaining at some degree. But i feel like the game is quite repetitive in its gamestyle, each mission is kinda the same just with another map and a bit of different way to kill target. The game also feels kinda stiff in its character handling, I know its agent47, but still the way he and people moves feels to fake in a way. I hope they make it more like uncharted, and also doesnt make it to: go in kill this dude get out. Gamemenu start new mission, go in kill this dude in another way and get out. Gamemenu and then repeat the same thing 8 more times. They could eg. have it where he has a homebase at a headquarter and from there on you could choose your missions and analyses things, instead of just starting: start mission, cut scene kill this guy because he did this, goes and kills him, mission done. REPEAT.

    And please work on the weapon and gadget system, god damn since 2016 we've had the same 5 weapons and 5 gadgets, thats just lazy…

  3. It's a long shot, but I would love to see a carefully crafted remaster of the older Hitman games except the first one. Just iron out the imperfections and make improvements without changing the original gameplay. I would pay full price for them if they were sold as a trilogy

  4. Question y’all, since I can’t find this anywhere. Do you NEED VR to purchase this game/play? Or it doesn’t matter? Cuz I’m not interested in the VR element (I don’t even have VR), just my PS5.

  5. I don't think I will ever activate these. Why would I want to permanently alter a map by making it easier? Takes a lot away from the immersion as well.

  6. I wish / would like for the shortcuts to be optionally persistent. It makes sense in a hub world, but feels like a cheat to me when this allows a speedrun (most likely after you failed a previous attempt).

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