Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Escape From Tarkov Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the realistic weaponry of Escape From Tarkov, including the KRISS Vector submachine gun, the Mosin Nagant rifle, and the SIG MCX assault rifle.

Escape From Tarkov is a brutally realistic…

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  1. You all wanted more Expert Reacts to Tarkov so here it is!

    There are still loads of guns in Tarkov to talk about so if you want a third part, be sure to comment.

    And if there are other games you'd like Jonathan to check out, be sure to leave those suggestions down below too!

  2. 12:37 the mcx takes 5.56×45 magazines but only shoots .300 blackout. catches a lot of people out when the go to shoot and realise they have a gun with essentially no ammo lol

  3. In no way saying "Tarkov is the most accurate gun game" is a bold statement, its just the truth of the matter. The teams very dedicated and the results have given us something that has Rust players foaming at the mouths thinking of wipe cycles and loot spots, If anything it couldnt have happened soon enough considering the state of 2042.

  4. you can actually stagger rounds in mags or shotgun tubes/mags which is kind of nice if youre causing bleed effect with high lethality(type) rounds while also cycling in AP rounds or slugs in the case of the sg in between shots/etc. Or even with 5.56 ammos its an interesting effect in full auto even though in real life there would be cycling/ejecting issues with various pressures in the system. Its an interesting "exploit" ive been doing Esp with the vector/burst. Just had to set a macro on my gaming device to quickly unstack ammo into stacks of 3 or single shells so i can make a rotating shot 12gauge drum mag.

  5. despite popular opinion tarkov is not a first person shooter but it is actually a reskin of the very popular ( and also very russian) game tetris with blocks reskinned as fire arms junk and gear

  6. Someone should tell him the videos he watched were by a high level player who probably mastered alot of weapons and how mastering works. Maybe then he would just say wow this guy has too much freetime -_-

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