Cyberpunk 2077: Updates, Free DLC, Next-Gen Versions

Projekt Red’s co-founder Marcin Iwinski has issued an apology for Cyberpunk 2077’s buggy launch, in particular on PS4 and Xbox One. Lucy, Jake, and Jean-Luc break down their new roadmap, including upcoming patches, free DLC, refunds, and PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. 

It’s pretty common…

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  1. This just tells me to wait until buying future games to make sure the developers are up to the task and I've never had to say this about a video game, that's saying something considering, I've been gaming for 12 years.

  2. Sounds like when south park covered the bp oil spill..Were really sorry..sorry.Stop releasing unfinished games and funding the end of development with pre-order and shit.

  3. Fucking game crashes every hour.And im playing on a xbox one S.Dont advertise and sell it on platforms you know are unplayable.Its called lying yall.Too little too late.

  4. "Our testing did not show many of these experiences…" no THEY KNEW. Its a blatant lie and the mental gymnastics several people will still go out for to defend them is even a bigger shock than the broken game itself

  5. I just finished the main story and this game is Amazing, really enjoyed it on PS5, doing a second run on ps4pro and it feels sort off with delay, overall great experience , cant wait for the DLC and upcoming patches.

  6. "pc first"?? Yeah right, pc has always had to wait for bad ports. Get used to it, pc should have the best experience, given how development works . Witcher had plenty of bugs off the bat too . Glad they put it out given it's still a great game. Considering how much people were begging for it, they deserve such an imperfect game, especially for console. It's ashamed how much you think it's a bad game, not the other way around. Leetches

  7. this game is stunning. a piece of art. we should help them and let cdpr fix all the issues of game. we can give them 1 chance

  8. To be honest this is not the first time this happens alote game developers are really selling you defective product and should be lawsuited but you're just to gullable to see that if it would be a car they sold you whit out brakes and you just take the car for a ride and bom typicall sales tactics

  9. I hope Projekt Red becomes ProREKT Red after the class action lawsuit bankrupts them, and may they never be allowed to put out such a steaming pile of horse shit ever again.

  10. Im on my 2nd play through and its definitely enjoyable. Just not what it has the potential to be. I hope they do a No Mans Sky snd keep improving the game. And turn this into a success story

  11. Ill be happy as long as when the PS5 version drops we can upgrade for free, it's the least they can do after i stuck with the game for almost a year now on ps4 and finally got a PS5. Lol

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