Cyberpunk 2077 3rd Person Is NOT The Way To Play

Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person experience… or is it? With Jelle Bakker’s mod you can finally play Cyberpunk 2077 in the third person using a PC mod created by Nexus Mods user sarunama.

But just because humanity can do something, doesn’t mean it should. As seen in the video above, Jake…

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  1. Awsome video… Yah, while I think I might enjoy CP2k7 I can't make up my mind just yet and will prob. wait it out until an upcoming Steam sale. One thing though, no disrespect intended here, I cannot help share that this gave me a whole new impression on GTA5's approach: they started with 3rd person and eventually added 1st person. Also not the best, but official support sometimes beats mods.

  2. lol this is hilarious! I do wish they would of made a third person view option in the game so that we could see all the cool body mods in motion like the Mantis Blades.

  3. And yet the majority of comments on cyberpunk Twitter are saying the devs are lazy because there's no third person mode. It's a first person game and the amount of people who fail to comprehend that fact baffle me.

  4. OK… That's the moment where the Programms and chips inside the brain of a joy toy won't work anymore… How should you ever forget that you just fucked some random eyeballs and a flying around mouth, with a few hairs hanging around and all of that on the upper part of some very strange deformed body… Wtf?

  5. The ONLY reason I haven't bought or played this game is due to it being only first person. I get motion sickness playing in 1st person. Give me a third person mod and I'm all over it!

  6. I was so excited about the game, I love dystopian near-future settings. But I get vertigo playing in 1st person mode, I need something to anchor my vision on.

    This isn't it. I'm going to keep waiting and hoping.

  7. Missed opportunity really, imagine if it had the same weighty third person gta had, honestly I’d be ok with it being just the gta animations ripped into cyberpunk

  8. This game may have bugs, but what else out there has such a beautiful huge open city where you can free roam around?

  9. If that's what the game looks like in 3rd person, how they gonna make this a viable MP? 😀 No wonder they made 1st person as the only view because otherwise would expose the ridiculous setup of the game

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