Best Gaming News From CES 21

CES looked a little different this year, as the annual tech show was held entirely virtually due to the global health crisis. Despite the shakeup in how the show was programmed, there were plenty of big announcements and reveals that caught our attention. 

While CES is usually a show focused…

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  1. Nvidia need to stop working on making new cards instead find a way to stop scalpers from getting all of them at launch time and also they need to manufacture more with that Samsung deal.

  2. This guy Stupid or just out of touch, please show WHERE I can actually purchase a GPU at MSRP. If I were in the market for an "Out of Stock" , no problem, everyone seems to have those.

  3. 3 monitors and I can tell you, it’s cool, and nice, but expensive. And I never use all 3 for intense gaming like cod or r6 that huge screen range is just fucking stupid

  4. Why does this bloke keep going on about E3 2020 ? There was no E3 in 2020. It was cancelled because of a massive Pandemic which we are still in!!!
    Good video though apart from that.

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