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Beating Hitman 3's First Mission in 10 Minutes – New Gameplay Today

In this brand new episode of New Gameplay Today, the Game Informer crew has one goal in mind, which is beating Hitman 3’s first mission in 10 minutes. Join Jeff Cork, Blake Hester, and Alex Van Aken as they eliminate Agent 47’s first targets in…

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  1. – And uh, we're gonna try beat this thing in 10 minutes.
    – 10 minutes, I say it can't be done.
    Meanwhile: Some early access speedrunner out there is about to beat the mission in 20-30 seconds. But waits until the timer hits 47 just to flex.

  2. It appears the Camera doesn't take up a starting slot. That's pretty good for something that's supposed to be a third form of access to go along with door-busting and keypad-hacking. And that knife-throwing opportunity is a wicked idea.

  3. I really like how 47 teams up with other partners/ handlers in this game. I love Diana and all but it’s just cool to hear someone else in your ear.

  4. I have an Xbox One S, and I'm curious to know if anyone has heard anything about how this well this game runs on previous generation hardware. I want to preorder this game, but part of me is still feeling the burn of Cyberpunk's disaster, so I'm hesitant.

  5. Hey guys this is the first time watching any of your videos I actually really like how you put it together I didn’t mind at all you talking over the commentary because I could still easily see what you were doing also love the fact that you left the second target as a mystery for guys like me who are just playing it for the first time
    Thanks guys

  6. Ok so this is not how my game starts out. I can't find what looks like the beginning anywhere. Please someone help

  7. I have no idea how when you got to the heli pad at the end your ladder to the left was already extended down for you I can’t figure out how to get up to it to save my life because mines an extra story up ?

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