9 Things We Want In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

A sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is confirmed to be coming, so we take the time to look back at the series as a whole and think about what we’d want to see from the next installment.

We don’t know much about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–we still…

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  1. What would might be good or make sense is if link still has the champions abilities but if the creators decided to remove the abilities the only thing that I can think of that would make sense is that link is stripped of the champions abilities and therefore kinda back to square one

  2. I think it’s a good sign that Nintendo has been keeping things secret lately. Their last few games were announced just a few months or weeks before they were released

  3. I am vehemently apposed to making Zelda a multiple player game or playing as Zelda even in the slightest. I've been playing it for 35 years that would not be a Zelda game. Save that for the spin-off games like Hyrule warriors.

    I would like to see the breaking of weapons removed and replaced with some of the core original weapons and shields as mentioned. Replace it with an upgrade system either by rubies through purchase or foraging for items kinda like the great fairies upgrade your clothes. I'm not apposed to the degrading of the weapons just not complete removal. I would rather see blacksmiths enter the game and you can go and have your weapons resharpened or foraging for stones for sharping.

    I don't like the idea of caring around 5+ sords 5+ bows 8+ shields too fake no way you're carrying all that around.

    Buying cookbooks or just havening one to keep recipes in so as to not forget what made what.

  4. Please God no keep the story barebones and implied. The best way to tell a story is through action and player discovery. Keep the gameplay as open-ended as possible.

  5. At this point I have lost all interest in buying BOTW2. I purchased the Immortal Phoenix and found it to be twice the game BOTW is.
    They took forever and made too many promises to keep many of us on the hook. Maybe in 4 or 5 years I'll find a cheap $10 dollar copy on ebay and start it up.
    Probably all hype anyway.

  6. I too want the Darknuts to be back. I think they would be really cool to fight. They need to be as hard as Lynels or even harder.

  7. I want to see hyrule with less ruins, maybe we’ll get to see a rebuild process, that way it may be the same map, but rebuilt for more exploration. Also judging from the tailor, there might be underground exploration and a little more of the spooky feels we got with Loz majoras mask and twighlight princess.

  8. I want more enemies. Dark Nuts, Iron Knuckles, Stalfos, ReDeads, Poes, Dodongos, Ghoma, Skulltulas, Wolfos, etc. maybe even Twilight Monsters or something would be cool.

  9. Ditch the weapon durability, Underwater gameplay (underwater breathing, iron boots, etc..), more voice acting (Not just the cutscenes this time), Ditch the inventory limits, more puzzles please (can't have to many puzzles) and since I'm asking for everything why not a modable pc version (*snicker* yeah, that'll happen. lol).

  10. Close-minded and whiney af. "Do things like in old Zelda!"
    BotW – like almost every other Zelda game before it – proved that the devs have the Zelda franchise under control.
    This upload proved that you can deliver an absolute masterpiece and critics will still whine about something.

  11. Faster camera sensitivity
    Increase running speed
    Weapon wheel
    Button mapping
    More than one save file
    Fully voiced dialogue
    More responsive horse controls
    Lock on system more like Nioh/Souls

  12. I want the master sword to be the master sword and by that I mean if I have to go through a bunch of work to get it it better not break or run out of power seriously if I have to do all that work the master sword needs to be the best sword in the game and I shouldn't be punished for using it for everything

  13. i want more village and city restoration, with capability of buy house and customization like skyrim
    more cool weapon, most of special weapon by amibo are cool i hope can get it permanent (no need use amibo again and again), give them limit time to use like master sword to give us limitation its fine

  14. I played the game and loved it but it was something of a Minecraft experience, there is basically no story at all and you aren’t driven to do anything. I need story, I need a drive to do something, I still played it for about a 150 hours but still story in a single player game or lore at the very least to collect is important. The souls games have no story but they have lore, they have interesting npc side quests, this game has nothing apart from the shrines, cool yet limited enemies and the huge beautiful world.

  15. I would hate having it as a multiplayer game with Zelda as a companion it would be so annoying and I always tend to play as link when given the choice

  16. I just want a changed/updated Hyrule. Like, they should have recovered from Calamity Ganon right? So more towns and more people. No more of the post-apocalyptic feel. It was pretty good though. I just think 2 would stand to benefit on a Hyrule map that is bigger and a different state. More people not just in towns but also in the wild or at least on travel roads since economy and commerce should be back to normal now, leading to more people traveling in the roads. If that would have a huge impact on enemies you encounter in the wild, since they would have less space then, then they can just make the map bigger.

  17. Stuff like a proper swinging grappling hook for special reward items that are perhaps not totally necessary but fun and helpful in a unique way would be nice

    Edit: Maybe you could be taught some new combat techniques as well? The way it works now is fine, but could be better. More complex and refined combat could come with new ways to interact with the system as dungeons are completed? Just a thought

  18. Proper end game, after defeating ganon link just return to checkpoint ?! come on nitendo i just want to explore hyrule without felling guilty for zelda

  19. Zelda as a partner has some potential, but only if she offers some kind of mechanical utility that opens up gameplay possibilities, not just as an NPC that offers generic help.

    The dungeon element is one that has never made much sense to me. Any piece of playable content is only worth what novel gameplay opportunities it creates, and BotW's lacking "traditional" dungeons doesn't hurt it because the gameplay that would have occurred during dungeons was simply moved into the overworld, which was the most expansive, dynamic, and rich with interactive opportunity of any Zelda to date. A more forward-thinking approach would be to more fully integrate dungeons with the overworld. Think refilling Lake Hylia, only on a much larger and more dynamic scale, where actions in dungeons cause significant changes in the overworld that present new possibilities, and vice-versa.

    The story argument is nonsense. These are video games, not movies. The story is what you play not what you watch when the game takes control away from you. We don't consider film story to only be dialogue; the plot of a film is every single thing that happens from title screen to credits. This is the same of video games, but because video games are a fundamentally differnet medium than film, the conveyance of their narrative reflects that. Video games are special because their stories are authored by the player, not dictated to them, and these provide the most powerful, affective, and personal stories that video games are capable of telling. It's like people think that "story" only happens when you're not playing, which is a holdover from archaic comparisons to film, film concepts, and critique that people still cling to despite video games having nothing in common with film other than projection onto a screen. These are dated ideas, and they're holding video games back from being what only video games are capable of being; why would we want to limit them to being just a worse version of a medium that already exists?

    When will people learn that film-like storytelling will never be effective in video games? It's limiting to both story and gameplay, because everything during gameplay must "make sense" within the context of the scripted narrative, curtailing any emergent scenarios that might contradict it. And a scripted narrative is completely unaffected by the actions of gameplay, make it functionally negative and disjointed, even dissonant, which breaks immersion and weakens storytelling.

    Look at Metroid Prime for example. The game has incredibly rich world-building, but it never intrudes on the gameplay experience and is only there if you want it. In fact, even gaining access to the external narrative elements requires the use of a game mechanic: scanning. And scan data can often provide information that can shape how you play the game. And the means by which the player experiences these elements are the same as Samus herself does: through experience and logbook entries. It's a fully-integrated narrative that maintains immersion without having to compromise gameplay in any way.

    I'd definitely like to see water and underwater gameplay expanded on. BotW's dynamics combined with the inherently dynamic properties of water seems like the perfect match.

  20. The ability to store more items in your house. / The ability to “customize” it. Not full scale customizing but being able to change the bed color or more the table between 2 set positions.

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