The Real Reason Why You Can't Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X

This week on Generation Next, the gang discuss the rise of unscrupulous scalpers who are profiting from PS5 and Series X demand to make hundreds.

If you weren’t lucky enough to secure a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S at launch, you may be going through the frustrating experience of watching…

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  1. Basically this scalper stuff could happen infinitely because they’re buying consoles reselling them for double even triple the price and then they buy more consoles with the money they make from scalping it’s like a exploit in a video game the game doesn’t do shit to prevent it and the game is the government I feel the only way this stuff will end is if scalping in general becomes illegal it should be a felony

  2. This was such a simple solution all they had to do was not release the console during a pandemic and waited for shit to open up after shit opened up they release the console to retailers with no online purchase as an option and 1 console per person limit. I’m not mad at the scalpers you can’t be mad for them taking advantage of a let down situation if anything be mad at Sony for them allowing the bullshit to happen from the start

  3. I hope your happy with people getting killed over a piece of junk, plastic, fabric and stuffing filled shoes. This is breaking our economy and these people would even do it with food. Just think, the more the lower earnings classes are denied by people like you, the less you will be able to control them. And they are already really upset.

  4. 600e in Europe and it is apsolutley fantastic console and considering what it can do Horizon forbidden west will be amazing. I played Days Gone and it is fantastic like a new game and all PS4 titles with Upgrade is like a new game. Future will be only better

  5. What's funny is these Xbox nerds could have a decent PC for the same money with options to upgrade about everything. What a bunch of dorks. I have an Xbox one s I have used for a UI on my regular TV with no complaints. I think I paid about $200 in 17 for just the 500gb version, but these new prices for consoles I dumb. PC community have been talking about it for years and years, that eventually they're going to get so expensive because they're trying to be as good as a PC. I've played a handful of games on it & it does do a decent job of upscaling games & DVD's to 4k on my new smart TV. Play with a mouse & keyboard once & you'll never want to go back to a controller. Been that way for over 25 years.

  6. this could kill playstation because if you got a person who bought 10,000 consoles and theres 10000 people who wants a ps5 and refuse to buy one off a scalper and them 10000 people decide screw it i'll buy a pc. you got 10,000 people who could have bought games for the console. if you got a few 100 scalpers all holding 10,000 ps5's, playstation has lost 1 million customers. This gives false statistics to sony because they be thinking we sold all these consoles yet no ones buying games.

  7. I am 51 years old and I am not that smart on technology as you guys are. I could appreciate some help. If this is not the right platform to contact you please advise

  8. Hi Jordan Malcolm Ramée I was watching this YouTube video and I seen that you were a Xbox expert. I have some issues with my new Xbox one s and maybe you could explain to me how to fix a issue ? I just can't afford the new Xbox x and it's not even available

  9. the reason a retailer should care.they are selling there products to people who dont play it just want money so that means there product will not be played. so they have destroyed themselves. lol. go Nintendo .

  10. this is non sense… it's to create fake hype. I remember when the xbox 360 came out they only put 4 of them in my entire city lol. I was the only person that got one when it came out at my school and like tons of people watched me play it in the pe locker room lol…these ad agencies are all professional psychologists…and hypnotist…

  11. So here we are, almost a year later and very little change. I wanted to buy a PS5 for my son to enjoy on his 11th Birthday this year, but can I buy one anywhere? No! When the news reports say that a retailer has just got some stock available, I dutifully log in and wait in a queue for over an hour only to find that all the stock has been gobbled up and I'm back to square one. I have resorted to browsing eBay to see if I could buy a copy there, and quite frankly, what I see sickens me. Multiple copies of brand new unopened PS5s sell for between £600 and almost £1,000!!! WTF!!! ??? I've often seen the same bundles that were available via the official retailer selling on eBay for almost twice the price. Clearly, the buyers' sole intentions are to buy what they can and sell it on for a hefty profit.

    There is no hope. Even in Winter 2021, heartless scalpers and hoarders are still buying up all the stock as soon as it's available, stealing the hopes and dreams from true, honest gaming fans who just want to play without breaking the bank.

    More needs to be done by the gaming industry, the retailers and the regulators to stamp out this despicable behaviour. It's quite clear that they don't really care what happens as long as their product ships and they get paid, but this is f*@king ridiculous! They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  12. This is going to cause problems in the industry where game sales will be down because gamers won't have new hardware for new games that are coming out

  13. Still cant get my hands on a fair priced Series X.

    I find it absolutely pathetic that there is people out there scalping.

    People just get more and more pathetic by the day. I swear.

  14. This has nothing to do with 'scalpers' or a 'pandemic', this is done on purpose by manafacturers because many computer geeks will pay the extortionate money and those streaming live pc builds will promote it!, the game has changed and this is the new normality.

  15. ☝️☝️*Patience and timing I guess.I got one from the name above ⬆️ ⬆️by chance.I still have to placed another order again.The alternative was to buy a used one for a markup from a trade in shop.Y’all can check him out and get yours* ..

  16. ☝️☝️*Patience and timing I guess.I got one from the name above ⬆️ ⬆️by chance.I still have to placed another order again.The alternative was to buy a used one for a markup from a trade in shop.Y’all can check him out and get yours* ..

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