The Next Dragon Age Official Trailer | Game Awards 2020

The next huge, next-gen fantasy RPG from legendary developer Bioware is coming. An all new trailer was shown at The Game Awards.

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  1. Well, you see, this would've made me excited if they didn't announce it earlier and all the gaming news outlet didn't remind everyone everyday about it. Now, i just wish they'd get over and done with this

  2. oh no not another shitty dragon age game when are they gonna give it up you know your series went down the wrong path if the only good one is the first one

  3. Hope they dont make it an MMO styled Inquisition. Please Bioware – more gritty hands on. Stop pandering to MMO crowds. Dragon Age is a single player game. Make it visceral

  4. I just pray it's better than inquisition, I've never been so disappointed with a game. The fact that Solas is looking like the main bad guy has me seriously worried.

  5. I wanna be grey warden again ( not necessarily need to be hero of ferelden though, just a member of grey wardens is enough.) I like their armor.

  6. They better not ruin this game man. This series has been my childhood. Its my favorite game series of all time by far. If they ruin it like they've ruined every other title they've touched over the past 6 years, I will never ever play another Bioware EA game ever again.

  7. I love the mechanics of the Dragon Age games but I personally hate the world. It’s a world where the crazy zealots are actually right, magic does lead to evil and you should destroy it.

    When I play those games they make me feel like I’m playing in a world where crazy fundamentalist christians like westbro are reasonable.

  8. “There’s always someone bent on breaking the world”

    To find out just pay 700 gems to buy a broken world chest! You have a 0.03% chance of finding out every time you open one!

  9. This is looking kinda awful. Really, after grim dark of DA1, and pretty down to earth DA2, we got overbloated nothing with DA:I, and now… no clear direction.

  10. God I loved dragon age, I hope they make this good and don't do a mass effect andromana or a anthem, just make dragon age inquisition with just more stuff and good story and world and bang 10/10.

  11. I wonder what roles Cullen, Anders (IF he makes an appearance at all), as well as Fenris and Dorian Pavus will play. A while back, seems like eons ago, someone stated they thought Anders will be a side quest and he's at this point in time "has lost what marbles he's had left" Idk, I suppose we'll see

  12. As practice has shown, any remaster is a hat that stinks like a gnome . What a call of duty . this is Chris (my favorite). They just cut the prey. No one can revive the Origin theme, especially this epic atmosphere(especially the first passage).Never. remember the modern games that hit you in the heart. Cho there fucking GTA 5? Battle 4? (by the way, a fucking game, especially multiplayer). The Inquisition ? Total war of Troy, are they hurting or what the hell else ? 2007-2014 is a Golden Age in games .

  13. Get ready guys, another Anthem in the works. I wonder if EA are going to pay for all the overtime as the devs make it at the last minute. LOL.

  14. I still miss the human story of DA origins. There was something very special and so enjoyable in this game, starting with the blood dragon in the intro (we are not in the main menu yet and it's already mature and awesome), then the amazing music kick in with a woman voice that could make a rock cry, the character creation, the quality of the ambiance, the vibe, it is something I'm still looking for in other game. I mean, those numbers with Strenght, Dext, Wisdom, Constitution and so on, we want that. It's fun! The pink letters gift system was an amazing idea, and starting a discussion with any characters at any places was also extremely enjoyable to create different atmosphere to be immerse, it was great. Music and ambiance are really the keys for immersion, it most be coherent with what the game is all about. Dragon Age Origins was all that with very deep story, secrets, but it was also making you think about what's good or bad and how complicated it can be to take a decision, like romance with Leliana or Morrigan? Both are going to be mad if you are flirting both, that's how deep relationship are in this game… I never experienced something like that in a game that felt real and hard to believe to be honest. Bioware deserve my entire respect just for that. The "grey zone" of those hard decisions, you know, not easy to know what's good or bad, not entirely black, not entirely white, but grey, it was amazingly coherent with the name Greywarden. Game of Thrones on HBO was all about that, but for me, everything start with DAO with the human story, the lost of your parents, the lost of kids and lover of your brother, add the Darkspawn threat, the King, traitors, and all those complex characters with impressives dialogs, choices, I mean the gameplay almost become not as important as it should be with a game that good in the story part and characters design. If Dragon Age 4 bring back that atmosphere and dramatic stories, it will be a success for them and I'm hoping that they will nail it.

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