Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sephiroth Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2020

Where in the world did this come from?! Sephiroth comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate this December!

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  1. One year after this trailer and i just realized that when Sephiroth cut Galeem in half, Galeem resembled the Black Materia, the orb in which Sephiroth used to summon Meteor to destroy the planet. Sakurai sure loves to put easter eggs huh

  2. S: I have been waiting for this moment.
    Now, I shall give smash dispair.
    Fighters fail to do much of anything
    Blows shulks and megaman to smitherines
    Casually stops 2 sneak attacks
    HARMLESSLY grabs Mario with his SWORD
    C: Hwuaaa! (X3)
    Omnislash V.5
    Stay where you belong, in my memories.
    S: I will never be a memory…
    Casually becomes a god in front of cloud

  3. I love how some characters seem like they are losing majorly at first then they reveal new stuff. Meanwhile Seph gets hit a couple times and only takes a step back when faced with big numbers, "Pathetic" and continues to stomp everyone

  4. Which Sephiroth quote is better for this?

    "I will never be a memory."


    "No matter how many times I fall, your darkness keeps calling me back."

  5. if this wasnt the last smash bros game id call it Super Smash Bros. Rivals. seriously outta all the dlc fighters 3 or 4 were not villains to heroes who were already in (cloud and sephiroth, sammus and ridley, dk and king k. rool.) but dayum despite not owning a switch the whole roster is a love letter to the history of gaming from pac-man up to sora. (pac-man was earliest release while sora being most recent with kingdom hearts 3 release)

  6. Sephiroth is the only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate D.L.C character to have not receive an initiation to Smash. He just shows up! What a badass!!

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