Mass Effect Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2020

Mass Effect will continue! Here’s the all new spine thingling teaser trailer for an upcoming Mass Effect, revealed during The Game Awards.

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  1. This is going to honestly make or break BioWare. The series is all ready one of the most renounced stories of all time but that comes at a cost. There finally giving us a sequel to the original series, not andromeda spin off but actually Shepard a story. Look BioWare, you gotta do the players right. Time to make a come back with with both this and knights of the old republic. Make us proud, make yourselves proud. We’re all good excited, your loyal fans have waited just short of a whole decade for this. Do it right guys, we can forgive gameplay issues and bugs, things like that can be fixed, but do the story right, do it justice, the shining crown game of your company is back and if done wrong, will be put down harshly. Y’all got this, do it right guys

  2. This sequel is going to result in either people praising Bioware as the second coming of Jesus Christ or burning their studios to the ground. I'm hoping for the first, and I do think that they can pull it off, but it's gonna be an uphill battle the entire time.

  3. Hopefully it will be set after the Events of ME3. Would love to reunite the political and ethnically divided and destroyed Galaxy after the War with the Reapers.

  4. Imagine if it is Cannon somehow Shepard is dead, but if the new Main Charatcer you can choose any race along with class. Like if you could pick a Krogan Adept or Infilltraior, or a Salarian Solider, an Turian Vanguard. That would make the Next Mass effect.

  5. So, Mass Effect 3 story ends with the Destroyed option. The Milky Way is repairing from the Reaper attack. Liara, Wrex, and two others are trying to find a way to connect each sector of the Milky Way once again.

    What is going on this time?

  6. Think I see ash, liara,garrus, think I see grunt, maybe the theif next to ash. Towards end of the mass effect 3 Shepard lives, after destroying reapers, so it could be based in middle between when Normandy blew up, and Shepard dies and I think this is before liara finds Shepard hands him or her to Cerberus

  7. Doing the Legenday playthrough now for the first time ever, just started ME3, god I missed out, saw this trailer and I'm so happy they're doing this cause I don't want it to end! Haven't been this into a game since I played the first Halo when I was a kid!

  8. so be able to use me3 save where shep survived or create a new character which is not shep if you picked the other choices in me3?

  9. I’m almost positive destroy isn’t gonna be the forced choice, considering there never has been in the past 3 games. It was a big choice in 3, they are either going to tip toe around it to make the same result or there’s gonna be different story branches.

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