Immortals vs. Breath Of The Wild: Which Is Better?

It’s safe to say that Immortals Fenyx Rising has taken inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but how exactly do the two games compare? 

Immortals Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft’s latest open-world adventure, and despite being an original IP takes a fair few cues from a variety…

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  1. Fenyx has an edge over BOTW in several categories: boss fights are handled better, the dialog is funny and there's lots of it, characters have personalities, you don't feel like you're spending an eternity just doing shrines or just gathering materials. But Fenyx is still light years behind BOTW in sound design and atmosphere.

  2. BOTW is much more creative in terms of environmental interactions and diversity in gameplay ,Immortals have better control feel better graphics ,a more detailed world and better combat flow .

    well ,at least thats my opinion

  3. I'm sorry but immortals is waaay better. Botw felt it had too many survival elements for my taste so fenyx was more enjoyable for me.

  4. I like both I prefer Immortal Fenyx only because the I love the weapon skins and the fact that your weapon doesn’t break after a usage. You can save your game online and play it in every console. I love the waypoint I like the BOTW exploration but to many times I didn’t know where I needed to go and I had to wing it. For me again I love..I guess is like Assassin creed but I can definitely see why a person would prefer breath of wild.

  5. Well Im only 4 hours in but so far Immortals is already showing me 1. Better combat 2. Smaller but more packed world 3. Good challenge. I'll report back in another 10 or so, but I can actually see it being better than BOTW, unless the game starts to go downhill to a drastic degree

  6. I have been intimidated by how large and complex BOTW is, so I’ve owned it for almost two years and haven’t played it more than a couple of hours. IFR is shorter, more streamlined, and has the super easy Story mode so I easily dove in and fell in hard… clocking 40 hours in two weeks which is more time than I have spent on any game ever. It’s felt like a training class prepping me for BOTW which I will finally commit to. I hope more developers add in this super casual setting because I would buy and attempt so many more big titles with this option (because I have an autoimmune disorder that attacks the nerves in my body, causing me motor difficulties and slower reaction times… so games that require top speed/coordination performance shut me out of play even though my mind understands and enjoys the game challenges/tasks). Good comparison video.

  7. BotW is generally more graciously designed. It gives you the feeling of wanting to explore the world. While I:FR seems to be afraid that you'll get bored or you'll miss things. Also puzzle design in BotW was just way more slick.

    In any case, I like I:FR for giving me something to do while I wait for BotW2 😉

  8. The amount of small in game features still amazes me to this day botw is goated for that however fenyx rising is amazingly good as well they both deserve their separate flowers 💐

  9. I think Breath of the Wild looks really good but I'm not going to buy a Nintendo just for that. So i'm glad i have Fenyx Rising as an alternative.

  10. I never have been a open world player till I got my Switch. I love Immortal fenyx rising. But never play Zelda. Now watching this video, I think Zelda might be my nexted game.


  12. Ran through BOTW and done everything you can possibly do, just started Immortals and it is a strong contender which is slowly pulling ahead of BOTW for me. I love BOTW and it will always have a place in my heart but Immortals is what I've been looking for for a minute

  13. I tell you what though, I definitely felt like the rewards for exploration in IFR really beat BOTW by leagues. The stuff you get inside of chests in BOTW is only useful 15% of the time, and with the breakable weapon mechanic it never feels like you truly got a reward. But in Fenyx every single thing you collect in a chest is usable and when you pick up weapons and armor, it's stuff that you get to keep forever!

  14. Combat is more nuanced and advanced in BOTW. Immortals is great for button mashing though lol. But honestly BOTW is 100 times the game Immortals is and that is no knock on Immortals… it’s still a good game. That is just how great BOTW is.

  15. BOTW is infinitely better to both of it's clones aka Immortals and Genshin Impact. If they were gonna rip BOTW so hard they might as well have copied the good parts completely.

  16. I put this game off for almost a year cause i thought it was a lazy clone but this has to be Ubisofts best open world game in a while. It's really great, the combat is fun, while a bit daunting to start when playing on hard.

    lots of nice colour and detail in the defined art style it has. Very pretty, this looks way better than AC odyssey in my opinion. The emerald green waters are a particular favorite of mine, the way they kind of make an algae mist when you walk through them, too. chefs kiss

    I really can't stand French Canadian humour though. As someone from Ontario who lives next to these weirdos, I gotta hear stuff like this a lot and to have it in a video game is just annoying, it's not funny (it has a few good moments granted) and it feels forced. I often cannot tell between Zeus and Prometheus when I am playing and they are just gabbing on and on.

    It's zelda with weed jokes.

    OH LMAO the oracle stoner guy early on made me laugh at how fucking stupid that was

  17. 2300 hours…dude I'm 6'3 250 lb. and ex military….I could fall on this guy and it would be like car wreck for him….c'mon man get some muscle lil man

  18. Just because you play a game more than other people doesn't make you an expert. Many gamers growing up with NES Played Top Gun for decades. It certainly doesn't make them experts.

  19. I like the fact that Immortals is based off Mythology facts VS where BOTW has nothing to do with Gods/Goddesses, almost like looking at Babylon scenery rather then BOTW where it's mostly fields, but don't get me worg…I love these types of games, Immortals is like BOTW, Assassins Creed, and Genshin Impact all summed up into one game, and the map on Immortals is far more impressive then BOTW in my own opinion.

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