Immortals vs. Breath of the Wild: Side by Side Comparison

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Immortals Fenyx Rising takes some heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s not a direct copy and paste, mind you, but there are quite a few similarities between the two.

In the video above, Max Blumenthall offers a…

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  1. Nice music! I love Zelda and everything related to Hyrule!!! Please Consider checking my videos of Zelda Relaxing Music!!!! Im sure you will love it

  2. Now everyone pretending this to be a botw clone.
    What about botw copy and paste of ubisoft towers, glider, free climbing mechanic? If this is a botw clone, then botw is a ubisoft clone.
    What matters anyway is the game mechanic. In botw everything you do, except for the final battle, is irrelevant for the goal of the game, killing Ganon; in ubisoft games this doesn't happen.
    It is astonishing that ubisoft can't even use it's own things.

  3. Wow Fenyx is much more of a rip off than I thought. I am enjoying it tho, never played Zelda unless it’s smash bro’s.

  4. I’m enjoying Immortals as much if not more. Didn’t know the title was changed from Gods and Monsters, was waiting forever and just found out about Immortals last week. Thing I love most is prob the old architecture and the dif regions, the wall around the war zone, giant statues, etc. Botw will always have a special place, but Immortals tho.

  5. im prety sure i would enjoy immortals FR more then BOTW and for all the people who dont have or dont want a switch like me, we get to enjoy this amazing games , well done ubisoft! even tho they get so much hate , AC origins ,odesy and immortals are in my top list.

  6. is nobody going to mention the combat in IFR is waaay better then botw and how about the the wepons braking every 5 minuts in botw , somthing that ubisoft took care of …. so yeaa IFR ROCKS!

  7. This is what makes the industry evolve. Fenyx adopted some major aspects of botw, in the same botw got ideas from other games. What makes this comparisons stressful are fanboy weirdos claiming one is better than the other and that the new game is a ripoff of the earlier one.

  8. I feel like BotW set a new format of open world RPG that just really works.
    It's like how so many MMORPGs are compared to WoW due to similar elements.

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