Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising might live in the shadow of better games, but its puzzles, combat, and open-world come together often enough to create a satisfying experience.

Ubisoft’s open-world adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One,…

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  1. Seems like platformers are the thing for beginning consoles. The graphics make the simple mechanics shine.
    Something like this on PS4 won't even be worth a second look though.

  2. Just so everyone knows, the high ground scouting for stuff is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, if you don't wanna do it then just simply don't do it. The feature is there for people who don't like to spend a bunch of time figuring out where the stuff they want is.

  3. I know this borrows heavily from Breath of The Wild, so I have to ask…does this game have a deteriorating weapons system or a designated button to throw your f$#&ing sword?…those 2 features made BOTW an absolute headache

    Edit: I just found out that those features are not in this game…brownie points for this game 👍

  4. Thanks for a simple review that makes it obvious that I might want to get it on special to play on the PC. Puzzle games are not my thing – I like tomb raider style puzzles though, have never played Zelda as I don't own consoles. (not owning a console isn't a PC better or worse thing – just a money thing – yes I feel like I've missed out on Zelda) I love Greek myths – so the game sounds and looks solid. But looking at your review I'd guess a year from now if I can get it at 50% off I will enjoy it. But that is what reviews are for – deciding what games I can't wait for. 🙂

  5. hm, cant you just not do the scouting thing on the towers ? feels like its way better when you just explore the world by yourself like in botw

  6. I love when a game doesn't take itself very seriously just like this one, all those jokes and "deliberately" corny narration is just nice laugh material, it's like playing Monty Python's Greek version

  7. everything about this game i love. If any nitpicking i'd say better voice acting and cutscene animations like pixar would suit this game 100%. In any case am totally down for a sequel

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