How To Unlock Cyberpunk 2077's Secret Ending [SPOILERS]

Here’s how to unlock Cyberpunk 2077’s secret ending. Spoilers ahead.

Cyberpunk 2077 has several different endgame missions and possible endings. Accessing them depends on some of the choices you make throughout the game and which characters you choose to help. But there’s one less obvious…

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  1. And i picked "night city legend" so i guess i fucked up my chanse to get the secret ending, god dammit, and i sure as shit am not going to make a new game until they impliment New Game +

  2. Guess I missed it somehow. Even tho I have done all side quests etc. Ah well, will just watch it on YouTube. Not going through that much game again just for it. Plus Panam is the best ending anyways.

  3. I've been sitting for over 5 minutes and he hasn't said anything yet, why is this happening? I've completed all his quests, been nice to him. I don't get it

  4. I had slightly different dialogue, can I still have the secret ending?? Or we must choose every single dialogue you shown us in this video??

  5. when did johnny actually lied/used V, i mean yeah they had a rough start but …. am i missing sth, does it have sth to do with the cutscene right before "tapeworm" mission with all the orange pills on the ground. choises being to either accuse johnny of trying to use them or believe he didnt?

  6. I feel like the secret option is taking WAAAAYY to long to activate. I'm 99.9% sure I did the requirements, it's been at least 7 minutes of waiting. So am I not going to get it or is it supposed to be longer than 5 minutes?

  7. this is so fucking stupid, i did they graveyard quest 40 fucking hours ago, before i did ALL the other side missions ALL the ncpd scanners and buying ALL the cars. why tf would they do that knowing that most people wont get the specific lines 20+ hours before getting to the ending.

  8. U see, that`s all the problem in this bonker game – u have to choose from what "makers"(read developers) of this game throw at plate w/ no obvious result u face after. This is fkn hilarious. Curtain close, lights out

  9. that moment when you didn't do the right diolog choices to get hte secret ending and now you're just there like
    "yeah it just needs time to trigger, i'm fine"

  10. lol im gonna save it before i try this and make god dam sure i beat that mofo!!!!!!!! Thats BS i did everything it said in the video and it still didnt give me the option to raid the tower

  11. Did they patch this ending? Ive recently gotten back into playing, followed each step and waited 20 minutes. Still havent gotten the secret ending.

  12. Good to know on my first playthrough I accidentally unlocked the ability to get the secret ending. Too bad it softlocked and I can't complete it:<

  13. I liked Johnny honestly.. he is a guy who is 100% free and acts like it.. my first gameplay got the ending where V go with Alt and Johnny keeps ur body.. it felt half satisfying coz the ending how Johnny just rides on the bus and leave NC made me feel somewhat sad.. idk how but he changed he seemed so weak and broken.. didn't want it to end like this ?

  14. Question is rouge immortal think about it shes got to be at least 80 years old and she doesn't look a day over 35 I love how Johnny doesn't notice that

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